Commaolympics 2.0
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rockerz There is nothing called perfect.....
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Commaolympics 2.0!!! Enjoy.....Thank you @astraeus for this idea! ( Astraeus will judge with me! )

Commaolympics 2.0

Hey everyone!! I will be hosting a commaolypics.... I did not find the post from @elleseng but i think it is a series of different events such as short stories, poems etc. So events on next page...

1. Poem writing contest on betrayal ( poems will be accepted from 1st November to 5th November ) 2. Horror story writing contest ( stories accepted from 3rd november to 8th november)

3. Art Contest ( arts accepted from 5th november to 10th November) 4. Animated character Contest ( accepted from7th november to 12th november )

Note: There will be 2 rounds as a twist. Only 2 people per event will be left to compete. Good Luck!

Byeeee( Clear your doubts in the comments section.

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