Resting like the drowned
Resting like the drowned insomnia stories

robotic_nebula Poetry, fiction, and sci-fi writer
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1: 23 AM.

Resting like the drowned

You lay in bed like the drowned man that was just saved/

drinking in breaths, aware of what it means to be thirsty for the air around you/

Letting your limbs melt on the ground like you´ve just noticed the effort it takes to carry their weight.

Eyes wide open, fixed on the night light like the castaway on the sky/

you wait for a steady beating from your heart/

and you wait - for your soul to uncurl itself from the tight ball in your chest and stretch out in all the corners of your flesh.

You rest like the resuscitated man barely pulled out in time/

And yet you rest, fully aware there will come a time you´ll have to rise.

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