The ♥ Intern ♥ Geisha Fly
The  ♥ Intern  ♥ Geisha Fly romance stories

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Flying Demons she needs an Intern fling How *°• the light of the lantern •°*”˜

The ♥ Intern ♥ Geisha Fly

Flying Demons she needs an Intern fling

How *°• the light of the lantern •°*”˜ smoked our way like an inferno where here to stay

Made another spin like the Andriod you could just live your life but she is the fly not to avoid

Rockers Spin Magazine packed in like flies the light sparks everyone's flight

Something flew in turned them into Cat Felines her paws were ready

Theirs always a reason Spanish fly full moon and her headpiece such mysterious allure

Then you could see the moon of Saturn and her face changing like a carnelian

It became the breeding season now it's his face

Cassandra, and her friends of the trio androids

Everything became geometric how it circled into her and squares took some time for the dream catcher

They loved the designs of the dorm the university was all dragons

Help me the others are coming what an invasion of flies. The end of the time by

Looking at him was a cry fright a joke or two his mouth of thunder

I need more help your like the wasp turned moody 50 shade's of a rotten blue

I don't want to study these flies on the dark sky road at night we need to save the planet

All test with cheaters and lies He's a liar

He didn't have to guide her she was some piece of clay how he molded and shaped an expensive heir

Spanish fly the "Howling Wolfs" cafe. They got their punishment they flew away the angels were their protectors

Her racing mouth to gulp Hmm. How he can crack anyone's face

The fly got inside her milkshake like a pulp fiction Zombie

Those ants in her pants she needed to dance

Spanish Fly I phone yum hum and buzzing she could plant my words anytime that's Sofia

She flies to enter the Dare Devil

He's not the pretender

Only wanted to stay on her arm

He comes again to her the Fly Guy

The breeding center smoke alarm that's her mystical Alladin

" Fly concert Mania" All he had to do was plant her seed

Drinks were flying wicked concert

Sangria sultry sky clap of a fly he's the man of his Martini's

Rocca Bodega the birds fly was taking another flight but Why

Takes the fun out of her. Just one more taste She's the drink you will want to taste after hour one

The fly came again and he watched her pouring his drinks

The whale was flipping and she said stir me it was a male seal what claws

Orange juice Vodka and fly by night Gin my antioxidant no straws

She's the Ginger the medicinal cure

What a mimosa like secrets of her cheerleader jumps and So after more? More friends and Mimosa

And now more of the Sub Rosa the love so framed

Phenomena Mama Oh! Ophelia Strawberry and cool lady spearmint

He's keeping her curvy spot, Aren't we all hungry like the Wolf Duran Duran, his smile savor

Can't get enough of the Cool Spanish fly flavor This is the Green Planet or Pink?

Any Flies around? It was an addiction

She asked for it her flies by night breeding

She craves every lust of the other ones needing the year of the dragon

The Spy Fly investing deep fly what a fallen Elf star

The Spiritual "SUN"

Not the Bee honey? Just her on the run something was the Castle of chaos

So hugged onto the branch her Robin nesting

Ultimate mate A Bird? So chubby. This is about flies

The fly rules he's the Joker such a pest he's not a mint clean to digest

Singing Amen hallelujah what an army of Antmen

Doing JFK president S & M. Riding the Unicorn S for Safe and M for Million stars

Or in her mind, it was Sacrificial and Mating S&M

Was it the afterlife it felt like reincarnation the bus life at PM

Hot stewed Spanish fly herb. After that the best rub down

New Orleans Exchange students

He was the other exchange

I don't think anyone would exchange him?

A pay Asta La Vista today The Egyptian art arising day

Magical drops Spanish Fly in her leafs

Central Park FireFlies to Demark what an amazing sunset

Aphrodisiacs foods fireflies lit up the dark sky

All over the internet flies Chrome

collecting all comment's

And those Twitter tweets like fireflies

On their blue love edge, her waves flew her Jeweled smile in the HOTEL under his spell water

Soak our feet in the tranquil water cool heat

Were sunbathing and flying Barcelona

Craved her by night Mona Lisa lucky feet how she really causes a scene

The interns had the right Vermouth mouth what a 21 club

All kinds were walking in

Brenda flies him to death he dies.

The killer fly Green Hornet

His magical love cure Sexy Ginger

Make another wish

Like a Spanish fly Pulp pump me fiction

Spanish fly magical drops

Soldier invades her crops now that's some army foreign exchange student

Drops libido Via Veneto that Joker warrior he thinks he is so superior

Illusory shield sword tightly from the Arctic forces

Rom-com bottle of that summed her up

He locked her in fly crystal energy box Savannah moon

Paradox her French kiss aphrodisiac what a divine roux but her chocolates were melting him

Went sideways then the sign said no way

And the music played Fly Away

Dear Prudence now a dog knows how bark my way

No other invitations This isn't Mcdonalds

There's no place like home

Something points her way

How nice it is to see your again

Poke her dots and points what nails

Planet lips so Cosmic

How she won the lotto that internship you should know?

Spanish fly trailer park left her with the stonefly nymph

All she wanted was a juicy fruit to touch her soul He was eating this golden fruit the bugs what lust of control

Eyes flying Wed me flying rice

Went on her button nose such a stubborn fly he doesn't want to move

She had to think clearly was that her fly guy

Sex Intern doctor advice?

What a pest a trademark her exterminator. Well look who is here

So is the end of time

I'll be back Terminator had to run to catch the ghost rider

And what about the Green Hornet he loves to snatch her with his fly mesh

The light from her flames Indrawn

Breaths how she could be sucked in by a terminator

Like a tarantula just because of a fly by night

Those flies on the City prowl

Spanish fly birthmark under her fan, I wonder what it could say?

Her slanted Pisa Italian melted get those mosquitoes out of here

Spanish lips he had to give her another try that Riverdale

All over their sticky Visa like a killer bee spy

Seduction licks and mouths charisma

Met Monica, she loved his ballpark

Muscles biceps Spanish Barcelona

The loanshark birds of a spiritual Wolf feather

He is getting tired of these stupid games

She met the monster fly and the Dark face Lantern He transformed into something amazing

The fly by the Big City night she benchmarked him

How he exercised her light fixtures

Eyes of the midnight raid

She's the fly by night making another bee

The hive this time the news came on Fox Five it's a bugs life

He heights trap temptation Why does love have to be such hell

Spanish Hacienda Men at her?

Her fingers fly his text His house was all bugged

Another fly passage and buzzing hot...

It takes 4 minutes to fly so Robin rebelled on

Something dark and evil leaching in the woods

Those interns spiritual journal He hid them away

Cling's like butterfly she flaunts them

Well no more flies just Chicks we are our own creation going on a crazy mission The End

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