♥ Relationships ♥ Take a Refund

♥ Relationships ♥ Take a Refund comedy stories

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Are we love givers or going "Humbug" or Babes of College Pink and perky. Where is my fantasy men Percy Jackson sea of monsters? My relationship either it was really good some bad habits so compulsive licking his mouth over and over but his dog was being rolled over. What about me?

♥ Relationships ♥ Take a Refund

Are we love givers or going "Humbug" or Babes of College Pink we can do it girls be perky.

Where is my fantasy men Percy Jackson sea of monsters? My relationship got water compulsive chasing his hot gifts of a mouth

College Super dorm she caught my fly? She's my girl in exchange for another good hot goal. Oh! Boy, we exchange hot girls that's my cash back refund.

Everyone became an exchange what a foreign exchange going traveling but if you change your mind no bunny refunds.

The ball buster relationship That girl called the "Bubble Gums" All over my wreath The computer relationship I needed to catch my breath that sticky bug.

College Scrooges every throw he tossed her the wrong stars. Our greed became harder what takers.

Do we Overlook a hot relationship?

So Squid Christmas time of hearts like marshmallows a relationship should be tougher heart on fire

Christmas hug, bright lights, and red-hot lipstick. The High school and Colleges. He's the King what's up with the "Snow Queen"

Waiting in line to get a bite refund The master brought you a gift. Why are there so many returns? Is that making you puppy lovesick?

Those big lines I am wearing my most expensive bra today please take a peek maybe he will give me a nice return kiss.

Those College babes are the better gift? All you got for Christmas dark red lights his display so evil turned you into Santas second best. You lost all your high cool standards.

This is a relationship all he does is kiss everyone in the mall. And there not hotter than my lips... How you went soft as a kitten meow for my Santa

He knows when you're naughty your relationship went rotten to the hardcore dark coffee Oh! I need my sugar.

And all this happened over a refund. He didn't want you to return his gift of pleasure. Hot babe in his weather

He gave you his big howling than you bargained for. He loved to share his gifts. He weathered her out like a blizzard of Christmas. His Wolf sexy boxers her hands were playful like a game of lego's

He played you like his Christmas games. He said that you were the girl he was chasing his whole life so madly insane he had you forever.

And you said Oh! Whatever do you understand how relationships of the sea work? Give yourself an overflow of a surprise that Percy Jackson sea of the monsters.

Not a Bumblebee that's a sting "Horny Bee" Oh! Sea monster Percy please God have Mercy.

Things got red velvet and petty. I felt like his pet why couldn't I be the teacher's pet instead.

Everything is not a fairytale And he wanted to get a refund. I got him his hamster named it Prince XXX it went girl wild.

Everyone went on this Hot rated website.

The Hollywood wifes Carrot top gifts but only wanted to meet the Doctor Giftly. He's the giver hand's all over so guilty so Scrooged let's bruise some facelifts.

Getting a job as a maid in a mansion of College boys.Is this the end?

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