Pretty Pretty◔◡◔ Good Doll
Pretty Pretty◔◡◔ Good Doll girls fun stories

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◔◡◔ The whole world is in a Dolls mind. He's Rising big with grace and dignity. She could feel his bluest car was on the curve but his eyes were darker couldn't care less what nerve popping doll eyes chasing her.

Pretty Pretty◔◡◔ Good Doll

◔◡◔ The whole world is in a Dolls high flight mind. He's Rising big with her doll grace losing a doll or two dignity.

She could race his bluest car the doll was on the curve but couldn't care less the Hunter doll eyes chasing her.

Big electricity dolls monster high but one doll lost her spirit head.They were Pretty pretty good dolls the Lady GaGa edge.

But this world " Invasion of Teen Dolls".. did they snatch them.

Don't be dolling me. The Canadian waterfall's the doll sports cups hockey. The dolls won the victory

Those Baby red heart rebel sunglasses the doll's life like a virgin first time well all Madonna prints. I'm the next best thing

Won't get you that bigger better doll part Oh!well gold is going up.

The dollhouse handmade gold finger expensive she rocks the pages the before or 𝒜𝒻𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝓌𝑒 𝓂𝒶𝓀𝑒 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒹💮𝓁𝓁 All mad Christmas sale?

Oh, Harley motor mouth gigs all male. OMG, that doll is racing •°*”˜. Put the designer that made him in the Hells angel cage.

Pinocchio what knock off's those snap- dolls knock on wood in the Nick of time. The talking heads. Rock on Miss Roxy Time's Square got your fireworks

But if you have a doll face like the beaded Snow Maiden it may be a war army, of too many copy faces of Bin Laden.

People will stare Aqualad super deformed. Get a better doll maker he was so blessed and reformed

She's so Disney she has a certain Princess of the Viking touch.

The most expensive dolls you need money Finger's roll the movie set. Let's act like humans I'm feeling pretty and pretty good.

Raven but what a bird malevolent spirits. How he kept his voice purple controlled.This is the Doll life. Did she steal the most expensive dolls?

How he dolled all them up. Keeping his louder voices Justin Bieber.

He stepped closer to her he was really bigger than her eyes hungry talker one doll is a collectible

That's my China Doll incredible

The Cafe dollhouse, the last notice, one demon doll how elevated she was like a game playing elevator.

She was so dolled down but she was Carrot leaves were falling Miss Autumn Joy what happen doll snake short

She was looking like doll cheetah. That Barbie Amazonia could darken anyone's spirit. Amazon business where's my Stolen Dolls

That nature girl -Azami word of the heart lit her dress so feather-light friend with thousand Sparkles Chiyo into the Dollhouse the friends all met

The coffee on Marilyn his bold eyes head over her doll heels he see's her embroidery she could curve anyone's enthusiasm ' She was the brew cup

His mind was her game, not such an easy science. But what evidence he had to put her doll head in real quick.The next experiment he tried to figure out.

Who designed them? Is he involved in the dolls diappearance not a pretty good job to copy them their 250,000 and going up?

This is how they look stupid. She saw something lying there on the curve what a shock

The walking dead doll. But the dolls looked so real is this the best you could do he's too real I need someone dead

That Prima Doomed Donna she couldn't get up Serena Dawn. Holy Owl it's her Soho so you think so. The Pokemon designer disappeared.

What a doll dilemma I but suspicious with a pretty good premonition who stoled the dolls that cost 250,000 Singaporean so many doll faces came out of the Emporium.

What happens next the doll we really needed didn't know if he was human or a doll come on this isn't Guys and Dolls it's Matt Damon,

We gave him an Ultimatum Larry we know what you did you need to curve your doll enthusiasm. It's beginning to look a lot like dolls for Christmas

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