PEACOCKS Pick up Dark Tale feathers ´★`¯(

PEACOCKS  Pick up 

Dark Tale feathers
              ´★`¯( peacocks stories

robinrecreates A short fast furious writer
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She had the purest thoughts she was the Queen bird of pajamas what Mamas where are the Papas of Peacocks. The royal tulip garden's of tails how he picked one for her and the white spiritual peacock blessed her.

PEACOCKS Pick up Dark Tale feathers ´★`¯(

Anime the deepest thoughts He was the bird of paradise of any sort. Her Eight Fold Paths

Took them to the Palace

.The universe belongs to the Peacocks and the pickup artist

The birds Aww a song she was vividly living a dream. She could sail in her pajamas so starry. ¯´★`¯(

Those pure thoughts Ever-Smiling the immortality how every smile he picked up another bird so imagery.

Peacock's went Raven

Some birds were mistaken and bird talk misbehaving

The eightfold paths she went through the peacock hole she opened it a bird spoke to her beckoning call.

Hey I'm not a bird

What a bang bam a crash- boom -thump-peacocks Presidential race path goes Forest Gump...

Like a Madonna, her friends in prayer always felt she was the next bird like a Primadonna ballet wing of flair.

She acts like the statue tight snug feather 💝 that lady nerd the talk of all birds

The peacocks of roaring waters uplifting with immensity. Her right intentions sanctuary the Peacocks her Godly pick up she's waiting

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