Killer Smile Rocky Horror
 Killer Smile Rocky Horror  dark vampire stories

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Trees dancing whimpering ghostly Grin and bare it smile or die costly

Killer Smile Rocky Horror

Trees dancing whimpering ghostly

Grin and bare it smile or die costly

Life´s cruel just smile

Wicked so shattered teeth pearly.

white necklace.He bites her neck.

Beatnik beaded Goth heart Rolling Stones

sounds. He shifted so close desirable

( tasty mounds) what a poke.

The stranger Billy don´t B Jolly joke.

Dark-love complicated Damn it Choke her.

The killer smile she had a stroke Goth?

Big teeth blame rocky divorce cheater mouth.

Electrocuted noises she is seated.

"He Begged".

"Oh! Horror" pleated.

The last time 2-B with her.

What a killer smile she sued.

The killer Purr she got jinxed he

was horse-struck.

Rock Freddy Kruger crazy glue.

What nerve Rocky got vulgar turned greenish

"Moody Blue"

She the white wedding" Bet Horse" of course?

Look at her picture please no lecture.

Trembling Rocking horror Hannibal Chair.

She´s rocking and speaking loser pair?

Elevated body wedding dress.

Hey, little sister hum? It's a nice day for a white Miley wedding.

What have you done?

Rocky Horror show clone.

A killer smile can't have her back.

So sneaky she neighed @ race track.

Longer than life white dress chalked.

Your being watched eye´s stalked marked.

Webs caught in webs smiley spider.

Loud drips from the sink whoa blood and all discolored.

Dead Hand´s She looks like the Goddess her hands look soft like silk. Maybe she came into the wrong movie part. Did she meet the Director his name is Killer smile Rocky. Well where's the next grave.

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