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robinrecreates A short fast furious writer
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Those addictions we cannot stop until our minds drop. Doing a Cosplay Mad Mo xxi don't you miss me stop. All impersonators like magic why doubt here comes our marveling talented movie scouts. Madness at the Cartoon Con.Waking up its Monday timeless for you aimless heart what descends broken heart. Oh, Monday my Sin-day waiting for your web bite day.

Global Magical Marveling

On the borderlands Cosplay. On the borderline Madonna's All Mad Moxxi impersonators magical talented movie scouts.

Madness Waking up Monday darkness contagious what descends waiting for your web bite day.

New York People acting strangely Oh! Miley chain ball marveling it's your call

So Righteous Atom Ray firestorms Intense heat burning at your cartoon looking head

This marveling circling world you paint it he destroys to love it. You're home sick with a comic virus.

The Marvel top of the ice-cream your split to the very end personality Scew Ball Jones. Where's my Banana phone? He split

Come on comic superhero but painted so toxic Gamy

The art of comics faces change like a Titan. We became Folklore Tech radar, Pagan.

The South Park how many parks to think of Central Park going Park and Recreation we need to make up our minds and decisions.

Such complication sometimes our minds cartooned fantasy of illusions.

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