Extra's She Researched his Talent
Extra's She Researched his Talent romance stories

robinrecreates A short fast furious writer
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The Extras X-rated see all about it Amazon Fire HD she's the hot devil behind me

Extra's She Researched his Talent

The- Popcorn has the extras drinks on the rocks

Amazon Fire HD she's the hot devil behind me

Perfect 10 tablet look at her squirting

Looking so Chic but chewing like a cow and on top of that blowing a huge bubble

And he said not now with your chicklets I want the twins with the double gum

Another thing we researched Blue tooth speaker my motorcycle sexy helmets who is the culprits

He had better things in mind to blow her way make my day Burlesque La Vista

Those five fingers what a presentation she is the best computer clicker I ever saw 5 Star wimnner

He felt she didn't have the talent the wrong Call her Chick A Dee Hey May west why don't you see me sometime

Please don’t touch it we need to inspect it? Insects!!! The insect wine Wow maybe someone will get sick it's not going to be on my D---

Think Geek infinity cube all you want to do is play Infinity war An Army of Ant man

Her mouth is like a torpedo you cannot control anything she researches he seems like the best kisser so far

We need a vacuum to clean her up she has the nose of an elephant she gets rid of all the evidence she smashed my pumpkin pie

I am hearing something again Amazon Echo. for what "Dildo" please. Let's go to the City you always say so or so there. Or so I am so what or is it so? You echo all over the place. I'm going to the City of Soho

How many things can we think of with the letter V Vixen Villains and Vampires in the lab and get the next bloody story She's guilty. So What

So cozy he is in his College interior playing with his cube game and go to Starbucks

The first test being done the test tube baby baby baby baby

Everyone is addicted to U Tube I think they are saying just about enough

We didn't exactly get the right vibe this is our Park and Recreation

Did we go inside the wrong business room now this is really cool

And meeting the baby tribe

There was nothing on the computer everything is dark there's no product to test here Can anyone see anything

No stars and points but Commaful Yes and here are the stripes just a family of laughing Zebras

Was that the animal to subscribe too now this is something we must research

Google the home mini just tap it I rather inspect it more I may get all wired and electrocuted

How it plays her music and asks questions but please later you have too many questions I said yes

So robotic I need the real thing What a cool marketing team I am the one that needs to relax in my cool place

Chill Out it's my turn to shout

I should be in command to control whatever I can

I have cursed her information lips looked so shaky and pursed. I can paint anyone with lips so hot. I will paint over the evidence

I was the one searched I only have 69 lipsticks and what a metallic Mac phone she blows her lips all over his phone

La La Land

Expensive dolls really sell But the angel collectors we admire the most there is no need to test her she is as real as they come

X-rate it I got the credit card boy did he hate it One coin for all your cards He looked like the thinker and a damn hot smoker

What about him. What a time to get a beard trim. Does he think everyone will see him for the movie part

So you forget it This isn't Brooklyn Oh Yes it is please don't jump off

She is addicted to the weights barbells but such dumbells He has his work cut out for him I think he chewed off more then he bargained for

And he dictates like some kind of Hitler and her models better listen to her

With all ritual curses She just has one thing to say "ATTENTION" Hit me with the next product

Those mustaches are outdated we need the modern curls here it is Mr. Bean killer Coffee bean


So thick mint condition. What hair he keeps pulling it now she started too hold it the best product Men's line

Talents come and go extras what dividends.

All spread out the continents.

Did he have enough research? They are using the next best shampoo

Did I get a Mr. Grinch? What’s for lunch? Please don't be cheap whats your poison

I will give you a hint what’s hot new video Liar

in spell condition.

Everything on E-bay is in Joker condition Why on earth would anyone want to buy this pathetic clown Buy IT Penny Wise

And Marina Del Ray she researched his talent he was clicking away a whole lotta love info.

Go money Green Bay Packers she loves to travel

Novi Connected travel roller This dog Nova the right idea don't bend over Beethoven

They were on a roller coaster he was holding her Track R Pen

Making the cross peerless her spiritual existence

How it changed to careless then everything was closely inspected everyone was fearless

Computer hot you printed it Marvel visual fusion The video game

“Who’s accountable” Selling this product is easy

Monday blues Tuesday play shoes Wednesday You pay Thursday Lay Lady Lay Friday Just stay Saturday Have it your way Sunday Marina Delray Get out of the blues get the sunshine yellow

Like a natural science Overreacting day Amazon

The research turned the bear body blue

Tuesday Newscast Rock Stud Shoes

Wednesday cast a spell her talent.

Oh swollen chrome lips the next experiment

Yessiree I’m going to tell at last research

Don’t pass next stop the shinning Hotel now let's start to write your a hell of a writer

The tape is still on quickie She's the Hostess

All gadgets but she loved her trivia games

Someone came to the Robin Rescue Ice cream just a sample test

But another person tried to spoil the video game

Everything became Trivia Oh! Mama Mia

There was one called the Ridley Bar Quiz

She had to watch her P for poltergeist and Q's for this is another quest like no other

Those men of GQ they were cool with their bicycle

Apple watch but he turned the card she was being so watched

So like her a chick being snatched she was the angel with the powerful sword she was great lover catch

Series unfortunate events another one had a canon camera Netflix spree But they all needed to drink lots of Coffee a dark mood of drama OH! Me

This guy was so ballooned out his name was Matt Damon The girls were his Pop Art

He lost his identity lemon jammed clean like a lemon

She knows the extras to pursue Meet the Avengers

Researched plastic face surgery she looks so real

Who would want a plastic face when we have a real killer one

Some Gold shimmer her eyes sparkle and glitter

Few more thrusts tight surgery nips and tuck's to her body

What a movie Tucker and Dale

His talent went to forgery He’s so impotent

He had no control I got impatient I started to drink the worst product of mud coffee

She loves her fishnet tied his fishing rod.

I researched his Santa talent show. Oh! God? A dash dash Where's our money cash

She had the entering part his Hot Rod

“He’s The Stud” researched

The record shows the drummer he broke the record let's stick to the game

Every month on Monday Became snake day she was viscous but luscious

He’s eating my Ice-cream Sin sundae

A one for all gadgets its better than sex

Whats Gruesome we always want more being moresomes are coming

Her talent “Green Planet”

Money is cream of the crop The calendar top spot

Just don't waste a talent you are way too good hey world go for it

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