Dark Dogma Mantra
Dark Dogma Mantra dogma stories

robinrecreates A short fast furious writer
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No Mother Superior more like the terror of unknown the words were dead. But Mr. Saw 2 somehow Dogma made them elevated she was locked up in the cell so love hated with nothing to be said.

Dark Dogma Mantra

No Mother Superior does this look alive go ahead talk to them But Mr. Saw saw it his way mighty guts of glory this is my hood what's your story

the swords were elevated she was locked up in the cell so love borderlands with nothing to be said.

Not even a Porn shop could find their skeleton bones the cellphone coded no color alert fire I beg you to burn

But how did his sister get twisted everyone needed to watch the coolest unmade-up faces

Dogma Dragon bloodshed the Payback news Dogma went designer, Darth?

Dark eyes Goth dressed in red blood flames lost her cell phone cliff on the edge of the winding Vamp her track.

What a hybrid of flowing blood so rapidly her fluid was rising. Everything was a spell like the myriads.

Dark peas smashed to her love pod hell. Like a metal-clad Dark Dogma so maddeningly.

What darkness no lovers just moths on her face. How people shifted inside black cat Meow-house

Her stretch arms waking up in another dark rising disgrace were the latest curses.

The curse lover of darkness reverses and another hybrid replaces.Driving in and hell is here sucker

Dark Dogma the CatMa of sin. The singer Lady GaGa moon she was hanging like a headless dreamer

You could have used your Mom her eyelids praying to the ten thousand Myriads. He wiped her up with clown eyeball mop.

Her heart didn't stop she was the reborn sexual creature living her life of porn. The Dark Dogma keep coming and Mom is smoking hot humming.

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