Shoe end Comma, Full story Heart
Shoe end Comma, Full story Heart romance stories

robinrecreates A short fast furious writer
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She stepped into his bullshit. She was the foot model.

Shoe end Comma, Full story Heart

She stepped into the shoe stuffy "Office" people can be so selfish we keep hearing bullshit.

She was the foot model. Her devil heel

So Vamp and pumped me sex kitten portal

She loved them madly over

Her heels whip creamy Pur dreamily. He can't wait to have a lick

All he-man and he loved his Hellman's Mayonaise so he put her flowers next to his heart

How he engraved her naval

He had what a shoe takes.

Peter on a shoe meter doing the bunny stops the time.

This better fit fucking perfect.

Stand over me do the wiggle walk overloved. Make him another offer shoe slaved.

Shedevil of Prada knife cut. This is the life let's light up this party

She opened her mouth shoe fit tight. Well, honey, that's my eye spy life I guess I am going way down

His boots rough layers inside. He guides her

Heels dig him Over full taste of strawberries

Fruits sexy walks met her figs met those amazing pineapples in her love shoe fountain

More comedy of shoes and gigs All she needed was more hugs

Those fetish foot mouths no hugs? She loved her snake heels

What a foot in his mouth gigs

Leather whip Shoe pal trip

His business and what is her business don't say the S - word

No Business like a “Shoe Slut” On the slippery slide

What a shoe man. Such a King Tut all he tells them to do is sit

On the plane going North

Southern Belles beating me what happens to our shoes??

With "Birkenstock’s" she is dark lacy dress Goth

Like a Trump tower shoe 6 inches heights up We'll take both

They landed high cockpit

What a tip of the toes Piano shoe pals

They walk and show and he knows?? No secrets in the sole

What happens to her smelly armpits. Is she the next shoe model what about her feet

Too much horse kicking in her stable

Especially designed she knows.

He is really cool slick He always makes a touchdown on her heels

He’s the kick over loved home sick

Horseshoe Toss. So loveful just a spoonful of her sugar-coated smile There are those southern belles

The cereal Kix shoe glittered inside the mix

And she's single all shoe pals boy they could talk. All you have to do is Google

The neon shoe sign bar to mingle.

The question with the shoe twin kicker what happen their shoes fall in the water

Coming to town Miss Cringle I'm doing another shoe ad too much competition, Miss Cringle stumped her

And to the end of a comma The shoe ad with a singer Rap

Screams were all single but her shoe snapped she is as slow as a turtle but shoes of an alligator

She was over thrilled her shoe shot snapped him his hot feed spot

Like a shoe fitter road runner what a stunner

Over her head heels double

Kneeling over another hot runner

He’s the Valentino boss.

Its all in the shape shoe cup Her shoe addict cup

Don’t cross over her shoes you might smash her pumpkins spice cafe

With his designer suit Vampire she struts her stuff

Over his knee, spanking cheerleader toss he's not the marriage type boss

Oh! Merci’ LMK Ginette singer her shoes shine

And he is soft as Florence Italy butter such scenic lady with leather.

The newscast Brook who needs your Mother Mary

Only if she fits the shoe

She went head over heels purple rain.

Finally no shoes just a London blue bridge

A good thing shoe phone rings She has some set of legs she knows how to use them

Her rabbit foot got an overfull of Karats

What a Spy Prince hearing all her French words inside the shoes

Shoe lover in France what a pal

I may have seen a million horseshoes but this certainly, rocks my beat

She wore an itsy bitsy bare bikini with her polka face stiletto's

Let's wrap this up with fire plaid to the coffee punch

Those shoes of silver seduction strap in killer ankles I want the whole bunch

I was serving him Oh! my it's Valentino he had a shoe urge he met my cappuccino

Is sexy rock stud reaction.

How he spiked my drink did I fail him

I was his friendly heart shoe.

Soft leather she wore him heart to heart well

Everything comes to the end of a comma my bathing suit on a love set

Her face turned sprinkled blue Did the cat get her tongue

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