Bye Myself He's Knot Himself
Bye Myself He's Knot Himself dark stories

robinrecreates A short fast furious writer
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He loved her the best of all the rest. How she yearned another year the moon turned

Bye Myself He's Knot Himself

He loved her the best of all the rest.

How she yearned another year the moon turned

He was in too deep he fed her cleaning his mind to sweep But she had other plans Greek Goddess her bountiful bow and arrow

Making a powerful shelf how he tries to protect her possessions. He boasts all his energy so magical touched by one another and together they became oneself

This was his unique way with her and no one else. Pretty crystals Julliet packed her heavenly book Artesian his love mission he will never forget

How he used all his embodiments he loved her kept her dressed wings came strong like his forever heart went through her sword

Deep in the whirlpool, her eyes looked straight at him deep in a dream all by herself

Hearing his sounds so content she's reluctant at his mercy. Oh! God have mercy on me

The cool breeze of the Chamber so many dilemmas like a gambler but so magically hot

How her I phone was the first Luddite he can figure out her kindness you could feel her voice lingering like her scent how it went through him the love pleased him

She shined on so lucent and the white imagery like snow how he looked like one might

She was magnificent to the hub height he was the wolverine what a powerful time replays mine

All over the website she was by herself he dressed her up He was so attentive but he had a motive to keep her in one spot.

Like the queen of the Aphrodite.

Sometimes his transparency went through her good luck charms

She had enough light the Egyptian moon met her a thousand kisses times were getting mysterious the sun of the Gods to fend off the happenings

He was the bedlight her flood light alone by herself.

With no one to talk to but the mysterious ties she had to her magical spiritual existence

Her lips could speak poetically but like the kept women. But her lips wouldn't move she was shut tight. How the blues and purple Irises the powerful energy his or hers arises

The times of the mountains of spring arrived but the beauty remains and comes over again best loved with million passages with no more pain

The love Chambered her it got darker some highlight of his marker came out like a puzzling earth smells intoxicating. But with such skepticism constantly indulging on one another. People were helping one another through meditation and the Buddhism

Then she started to see all the rainbow of colors more intact with herself but where is her better half?

Now it was insanely perfect but done right

She was the "Juicy Jupiter" of Berries he was her Boysenberries sliced the fruit at knight

She would pick them up from her shelf like the princesses berries he knew her taste of flowers

He laid her designer scarf underneath her tears

To be by herself with nobody it was not the perfect environment

But the right pick opportunity fruit so rich one might have thought passionately we know its purple

But one was bruised in the highlight of his hour bunch. But she was the Pineapple Statuette like the delicious crepes of Suzette

Like stocks of the commodity left on a mysterious shelf She was running out of time and money

She had the look so intensely to be loved butterflies should be free

All the spices came upon her smells strong cloves So many reincarnations lovers and more lovers

The huckleberries he brought back to her lit up doves her heart of this home this was her shelter

Saying to her to be herself don't be enslaved by someone else

Like a computer scan of dark star signals, the eternal love took her to the dark raven sight

He tried so hard to be himself to give himself to her

Like the Ancient times of the New Year Dragons and new life, everything was fun carnival, what's next to unravel

All the best of the best was left for her

The shadow of his hands back on the shelf she glanced

She just about had enough looking to the left the staircase was long and slender but she felt he could just about bend her

So swiftly dreamy locks her in Santa Fe she was transported all over the next stop, Santa Monica

How he lifts her like a Tropicana tower Orange lips of the right amount of colors were orangy red hues and exotically it lifted her creamsicle shoes

painted like artist Gogh and another artist sensual feeling like we all need the right healing

Those faires tried to help the setting sun came through

How her hair looked like the mother of pearls he went close enough layers of layers of him

The body what it endeavors how the universe assembles. The foods we eat like a creature of the night being devoured

How we deeply remember whats heading our way the next September.

Her birthstone Virgo the better times all numbers and how the shelf stand's out.

What's actually were you holding onto. Was it him or yourself.

Did you remember the most important moment of yourself?

Or his words against yours. He wanted everything for himself how selfish we all can be.

Go with your instincts. Don't be restricted. Let your heart lead you things can not always be perfected

Sometimes it is us against the world. Show what you got and who you really want to be. Sometimes time is against us were humanly kind needing more recognition. A nice clap of hands you deserve to be applauded.

How a lover he holds onto you so he courts you It's a flirt another height flies up from your skirt don't ever think for once that you will be inside his dirt

Let it be you and the whole world. That's your chamber be rested assured

Be the leader of yourself

You held all the good times. The bad times will disappear near your shelf, you were stronger not needing anyone. You started to know more about yourself and no more tears you flew away from that shelf.

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