• Gem on the "SLY" •°*”˜He Explodes with her butterfly
• Gem on the "SLY"  •°*”˜He Explodes with her butterfly lingerie stories

robinrecreates A short fast furious writer
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Oh! Gee how my hips heaved up. Oh! no this is not the time to mess up my gems. He always explodes like a fire gem heat to my Rock beats but he is always like the sea and my air of the earth
Why? is a gem like mine so worth

• Gem on the "SLY" •°*”˜He Explodes with her butterfly

Oh! Gee my motor is running Oh! no this is not the time to lose her most expensive gem Amen

So heavenly she is beguiled that heartless Harley Quinn has no will My bat-eye stones it's like no other thrill encased in my bat wings how fluttering she is

His guitar gently gemmed she weeps her back wings she summoned him on such a fine cut stone how he elude's my ecstasy he carries me on

I'm like his honeypot of the treasure one men's poison in another men's pleasure we need better wing of rapture

We must mustache roll em her breathing lips her body moved geminating into his instrument sweepingly her vivacious gems was the action it went all global

The Mating of her jewel's Like a Pegasus gemological dating what an engagement she flying repopulating species

Gem-mine made the fairies Blue Sapphire design her gem-bucks took her flight Geminis everything has its moment you must possess

I'm gem mating and he is always repopulating making more Gems this one has a special place in my heart

A superb specimen what a gem kingdom handicraft became mystical moon time like florentine gold he plays his six strings in her heart he holds

Those pleasurable Minions she strings his guitar fingers.

Like a Johnny go lately the King he loves his ship Sometimes we're like the ship of fools a different Pirates of ding dongs Johnny be good

Scissorhands what beauty to cut her paper heart mastery gem-hands collection

Everyone loves sports of any sort. The silver super bowl He explodes again playing

throws her expensive gems all around and when he hears her voice he engages like a gemmating to love again Supernatural how the star falls

The metaphysical gem her traveler came to her. He desired her energy. He exploded all parts like an instrument carnage her sacrificial gem exchange was his visions set on her gem face

the movie played her Gem- was chosen what a Grecian Goddess the gold overpowered him so genuine her gracious moves upon him with her feminity

They ended up in the British Divine colony of Hong Kong Good luck color red

The man on the moon was wearing her blue spirited gem Oh! Gee the hot item fire forest gem

G for Gucci but she was doing a fashion shoot for "Pucci" her divine ruffle what a Gemmy trim pop art show

cocci coo he's guilty playing her like Italian

Bocci, she was wearing her festive hat. She was disguised what a mustache. So hot the "Tiger Lily" Cat Just one flaw of a stone that party fiesta its your call

She was guilty so innocent she looks you could sip her Starbucks she stole the Topaz Gem they were so attached her lace strings all over the world map

He exploded again like King Kong up in the exhibits in the "China Hill" that super stone transcends. If God is so powerful can he make a stone to lift our spirit with our destiny who holds the key to Infinity

It's not your presidential moment in your gem plate but something better Infinity Gem of a marvel

Piece of the rock climber her heart goes timber Her energy escalates that was true love fate

Too many leaders delegates Like a gemologist top of the rank list of the auction, Titans the Asian influenced a gem reaction stones her love trancelike the jade stone was her guide mountains Budisium hike

Going way up the mountains of Fiji with her Gem went higher with more desire she got burned and he couldn't put out her fire

Mrs. Jones got a thing going on with the Leonardo go Dow not now get away from my town your too jeweled out looking like the Harvest clown

He explodes like a silver purple titanium what a Gemini how he changes like an observation all over her heaven above sparks of gold

You couldn't hear a word he was saying those "Golf balls" how they fit not so ingenious Mr. Orange Julius, he wasn't anywhere near her orange champagne gems

in his mouth, she had him by Golf tournament?? She was the tour guide but she needed to challenge him in her game of gem checkers

One of them is the poisonous Apple Mac. Goth where is my gem apple I do declare

One gem is the deepest cut. How one heart overpowers the other how she planned her word's he was set and put. Her violin plays so magically beyond her love sacredness

She is on overload her computer crystal red gem. What a riding hood her protector Stock money wolf

He explodes and she's busy writing with gem style envelope. A prelude to her gem lips he mapped her all over initials G for Genious and E for giving him her love energy

Going the Bahamas having drinks of Tapas

Aphrodiasics Spanish gem's they love to Fly

"Sugar Daddies" and those wild girly pansies let's take out our fire gems of poppies, all in one happy family

Gems for Dorothy he woke her with his guitar strings Dorothy was hooked inside his melody she wears it well with her poppies

More money how come we think money is everything to make us who we are. How money can be our own worst enemy it's not our better company. Remember who you are what is inside your heart to me is something wonderful. All the money in the world can never replace a rich heart

But I'm way too young to die, with my expensive water dive Amethyst what is next on this list their is always a twin of a twist

Those singers the Mama and Papas move over these are the sexy ladies of the tapas

ET Esctasy time or Extraterrestrial spaceship of Gem code and guitar strings

Abducted like some kind mistakable gem it was the Barbie and Ken's creation making a sacrificial doll hunt of the Zen

Inside all she wanted was her powerful gems not a lipstick case looking like a monkey those lips must go

Not a Man who haunts her so sick she needs a right perfect stone to fit her ring those gems are hard to come by tattoed bird fly "Robin" Fly

She wore her Gems and he had her Strings tied to his Prince guitar so well he sings

as he was all hands on the video playing I wonder why??

Her gems were flying back and forth in the spaceship you could see it in her eyes she needed another Starbuck Tiger eye sip

That was a fucking delightful trip All gems of an exploration ET didn't exactly understand our communication they didn't know an Apple computer form her orange gem gun perpetrator Some immoral act. He couldn't analyze her gems not the right facts

He screamed why was she playing with my joystick all gems got over it

She was the Red good luck pot my honeysuckle reddish rose Dared to be the angel

Her Gem Strings she got the whole world in his hand. How it exploded like a gold clover honey gem

But she had the best formula Was it a secret I don't think so

ET Extra Tripartite fancy gem adornment. He loved Strings she felt invaded how she updated all the information her jewels. How it became the best erotic talk of the whole nation. Femme Gem shopping...

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