Love Wins ◔◡◔ Don Con's
Love Wins ◔◡◔ Don Con's romance stories

robinrecreates A short fast furious writer
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What sums everything up our addiction do we really need another break-up Her's my Flirt cup and no Don's Please

Love Wins ◔◡◔ Don Con's

Here are my Flirt cup's and no Don's I need to digest this in. Please, not him the broken cup

She say's love wins. I'm not giving up yet she just shut's me up. It's my hell ride

Another slide girls are right on target he's the magnet.

Is he holding her Rum he's the con man with the order of coke Brooklyn Girls Where's the tip! We are broke

Its back StanTV show Let's Party

She was tempted with his drumming libido but love wins

I don't know Sex in the Carrie City Cats they smoked out Santas hat. She was all ballooned I need a time out

He overslept but he could hear her swear words the teen massacre. But he's sexy He' nice oh! I want him

Oh! Lord snow is falling like wedding rice he got caught Mr. Big because he gave me a hug? So many singles and snow sleds here come's the Sex in the City Feds

He thinks you're hotter than a July barbecue your next line of cue just stay no curfew. I win

The meats are my thrill. Not Arby's he was the walkout dancing with the devil Mr. Don. He will never be an eater of mine.I win

Those Chefs meet the Cons he did the red-hot tomato crime. I'm heading home yummy

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