Blake and Takati (The Ticket)
Blake and Takati (The Ticket) panther stories

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How Blake and Takati Met (Art and Story by me Karen K. Soon) its just an idea that i need to expand on

Blake and Takati (The Ticket)

Blake Origami tries to stay seriously numb to pain or 'bad' remarks. He Gets his Nickname "Deck" from lighting cards on fire. Which his fire power is colored like his hair.

Which he got at birth, thought it was a curse at first. His pain tolerance raised enough to laugh at it.

Since he laughs at inappropriate times He might seem demented or twisted or dark but there's more that meets the eye.

He actually just tells himself jokes all the time in his head laughing at the tiniest of details, hes easily amused by his own wit or the wit of others will catch his attention.

Hey also gets intrigued by quirks.

The dazed look of his heavy eyelids (started with seeing his jaguar since the first day and every day taking care of her) They have a gentle spirit.

Despite others judging them too hard = simply wrong. They grew up together. They trust each other.

Others used to make fun of Blake for not having luck with ladies he was a virgin until he got married. They called him things like: recluse, geek, looser. Which he grew to learn to laugh about.

Takati is a black jaguar as Blake's pet he raised since birth and he often talks to her. His jaguar usually is grumpy looking to others. (its the wrinkled nostril facial expression.

) But shes a sweet heart and only licks Blake's Face later he jokes and says if only his pet was his wife since he feels shes sweet inside like him...

Desperate since that idea sparks his desire to make his dream real. (Spoilers not noted) which turns his jaguar to a human, a woman. She marries Blake once its a success.

Her name is Takati which is Shona for ticket. named after his trying to win a lottery. He saw it as good luck.

But since they married he realized he was wealthy with her that she made him rich just by being with her and he stops trying to win cause of her being enough.

She sneaks to try her luck to win and she wins on the first try but they aren't corrupted by the riches she brought forward. He cant believe it cause he got so many failed moments.

They share it happily.

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