Red Room
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A dream I had about my crush

Red Room

Her world had become red, even the ficus plant that stood in the corner, trying so desperately to class up the joint,

was drenched in the red light which oozed with not sex appeal but with sleaze appeal.

Normally, she'd swing into the lot of a club like this, snap a few pictures of the outside, hop back in her car and go; this wasn't really her scene.

Especially a place likes Babes in Bondland, a bondage playground - maybe once upon a time she'd have layered on some dark lipstick, clipped on a Wonderbra,

and stepped into some assless chaps; hell, even she had to admit she had a great looking ass.

She blushed and looked away from her surroundings.

But that once upon a time freedom had been snatched from her, all it took was one night in Hollywood, when she was raped by a so-called Master, a wild tattooed maniac.

Maybe that's why her boss had called her to a place such as this place, maybe he wanted her to regain that sex appeal she used to ooze and was so damned proud of.

But she saw him standing next to the ficus, at the end of a hallway, his shirt had been tossed aside,

the only thing his bare chest sported now was that tuft of blonde chest hair - that even she had to admit she had ideas about.

Tugging on it as he makes her feel good in that carnal way with his tongue.

His dark wash jeans - his pants had been replaced with tight latex shorts that covered both of his thighs - had been discarded as well.

She felt her cave loosen and wet, ready and willing to take his dick, especially if that outline that was drawn by those shorts were any indicator of what awaited her.

She had never seen his bare legs before and never imagined the muscle cuts in his thin thighs, but seeing his nervous quivering leg muscles filled her with such a hot and sticky lust.

Her face burned when she realized he was looking at her.

His muscular bare arms were locked behind his back, and his head was tipped down, but his eyes looked up at her, big brown eyes locked behind the glass walls of his glasses,

begging her for release - from the bondage or sexual release?

She must have been a riot of color in her face! She was absolutely gaga for him. The very atmosphere of this place was charged with sexual excitement!

She bit her lip, this could be fun, though she knew she wouldn't last more than a handful of minutes. One touch from his age warped hands and she'd need a new pair of panties.

In his mouth was a big, fat, juicy drool covered ball, the leather straps cutting into his lightly stubbled cheeks and where they locked together on his head,

probably sat upon the scrunchie knot that held his long blonde mane back.

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