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Inspired by the cover song, Still Into You by Ashley Tisdale and Chris French, this is a short story of two lovers, Faith Reed-Calloway and Matthew Thompson, characters from my story, Dawn By Eleven, on Wattpad.

Short Story [ 1/? ]

* tags are based from the book itself for information on the book.
* this is my first time writing a short story and on Commaful so I'm sorry for being new :'D

Her name is Faith

His name is Matthew

Separated by friends

By her marriage

Reunited by love

By his determination

He couldn't stop loving her, even if it's six months counting down in their calendar. There's no way to stop Matthew from loving her.

He made her breakfast that morning; her usual favourite fluffy omelette, two strips of bacon and pancakes with a side of coffee—two teaspoons of sugar and a dash of milk.

She grabs the coffee from his hand and sits behind the kitchen island, content overwhelming her as her boyfriend's cooking for her.

"Here's a fun fact," He said as he brings the plate of food to his loving girlfriend, kissing the top of her head as an extra. "I love you."

"I can't ever stop doing that," He fiddles with her fingers, finally intertwining with the soft touch. "Even if it's half a year, I'm still into you."

She smiles at the sugar words, kissing him on the lips like there was no tomorrow—like life won't exist anymore; like he won't be there ever again.

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