Red unrequited love stories
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rlstories trying to figure things out.
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Red dresses, flushed cheeks, paper cuts, ginger beer.
Thoughts that spins around the head of a romantic. This boy was red.


You were not my first love And you will not be my last But you were the one I wanted to hold the closest (#2)

I don't fall for charm but am enticed by the bottomless pit of intimacy (charmed into the abyss)

From the minute I first saw tears form in the corners of your eyes I knew that I needed to be the one To keep them from hitting your cheeks (Keep me close, I'll keep you happy)

I have some feelings But it seems as if I have Not much of a tongue (so many words but none spoken)

I smell your cologne It stings my nose, I close my eyes Home is in the hollow of your chest (Loose t-shirts and long embraces)

I love the quiet of solitude But the sound of your breathing has become music to me (sleepy afternoons)

Surely a haiku where I tell you how I feel will help me forget (all I can write about is you but you aren't here)

You opened yourself to me And maybe having someone love even the most shameful parts of yourself Was too much to handle (Intimacy is where you draw the line)

Our hometown Filled to capacity with laughter and empty conversation But without your smile and warmth It feels empty (when will you come back?)

One year has passed Since the day I realized I never wanted you to leave me People stayed but you did not Your presence is missed (maybe the ghost town is just me)

The way to your house is burned inside my mind But it's been a while (trees can still grow over scorched earth)

You're drinking now and I'm not there to help you I hope you're okay (It's okay, I'm sad too)

I won't read romance because I'm scared of feeling the sorrows of love (they all remind me of you)

White couch and sunlit windows Tangled legs and quiet voices Waking up from a nap with you by my side (what I see when I close my eyes)

I always wonder If you thought of me when I wasn't there If you looked forward to the next time you would see me If you liked the way my hair smelled If you savored every word that spilled from my lips If I was someone you admired (it's all speculation)

Don't show them it hurts Because they'll make the hurt theirs When it's yours to feel (this isn't about you)

Fall in love with places and memories Because they will always be there when you want to go back to them People will not (the thing about permanence)

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