Stone Heart Pt. 7
Stone Heart Pt. 7 romance stories

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Clay steps in to help Claire as she is being help against her will by Will and his group. This shows Claire a whole new side of Clay that she didn't even know he had. *Follow me @rjim96 to keep up to date on when i release new parts*

Stone Heart Pt. 7

Will was holding Claire’s wrist tight and she couldn’t get it free so she did the only thing she could was she slapped him across the face which, made him let go.

But before she was able to get away Liam and Jake grabbed her and in retaliation Will went up to her and slapped her harder than she did.

It left a bright red mark on her cheek and tears began to well up but she didn’t cry and held in her emotions the best she could.

So she put on a brave face and looked Will right in the eyes as if saying, “It’s going to take a lot more than that to make me afraid of you.

” Now this was a look Will had never gotten from anyone because usually he was able to intimidate anyone he bullied but Claire wasn’t having any of his bullshit.

This angered him even more and slapped her one more time and this was when Clay walked around the corner of the school and saw Will slap Claire.

This angered and without hesitation he ran to help Claire. He threw his bag full of books at Liam which, hit him in the face and caused him to stagger and fall over.

Then Clay quickly closed the distance and punched Jake sending him to falling to the ground and to groan in pain. This freed Claire to escape and she did running back towards the building.

That was when Clay focused his attention on Will who was the main focus of Clay’s fury.

But before Clay could make any move whatsoever Will was already rushing him by tackling him and sitting on top of him punching him.

This pinned Clay to the ground only allowing him to guard himself until with all his strength pushed Will off and got up and stepped forward and swung at Will and hit him with a right hook.

The punch hit Will and it hit hard. He staggered and before he could recover and got hit with another hard punch by Clay which, this time sent him stumbling and finally falling over in pain.

With that Clay grabbed his bag near Liam and walked off to find Claire.

Once Claire got free she stood back near the corner of the building and watched as Clay fought with the three boys.

She was amazed at how he was able to take them out and at the same time scared because of how much of a change in personality he underwent. From being shy and timid to angry and merciless.

But she is glad that he came back or else who knows what those three would have done to her. But in the back of her mind she couldn’t help but worry about things will be now for him and for her.

Those three will likely bend the truth of what happened to turn it against Clay and make him even more of an outcast then he is now.

Just as she begun to really worry about it Clay grabbed his bag and walked towards her and he called her name which, snapped her back to reality.

Clay, “We better go before someone finds out what happened.” Claire nodded in agreement and they walked back towards the front of the school.

But before they walked out Clay stopped Claire and said, “Maybe you should walk out on your own I’ll go a different way. I don’t want you to suffer for being seen with me.

” Claire was going to say something in protest when Clay said, “Now hurry up go before those three stooges recover.

Clay pushed her out and turned around and went through a door on the side of the building and headed back to class.

Claire didn’t have time to say thank you or anything which, she felt bad about.

She looked to see if anyone was around and proceeded to head towards the courtyard to see her friends and act as if nothing happened.

Clay got to the classroom but what he didn’t realize was that he looked a bit disheveled and had blood running down the corner of his mouth from when Will managed to get a few hits in when

he was on top of him. So when he went into the classroom which, had a few students in.

They saw how he looked and assumed he had been in a fight and from there gossip spread like wildfire through the school.

As Claire was looking for her friends she passed by a group of kids who were already talking about Clay. Student 1, “Hey did you hear that Clay freak got into a fight.

” Student 2, “What really how do you know that?

” Student 1, “My friend Marissa is in the same class as him and saw that he looked all messy and that he had blood coming down from the corner of his mouth.

” Student 3, “Wow there that freak goes again. I can’t believe they even allowed him to go to school here.” Student 2, “Yea I wish they would kick him out already.”

Claire heard them and all that they had said and was getting quite angry and was about to butt in on their conversation and defend Clay her friends showed up and said,

“Hey seems like someone missed us.” Claire turned to them in surprise and said, “Oh hey how did you two find me?” Jen, “We were actually about to go see you in class.

” Cait, “Yea we had finished up our lunch and wanted to pick on you.” She and Jen chuckled a bit and made Claire smile.

Then Jen said, “But in all honesty we were just worried since we just heard that freak Clay had gotten into a fight and was bleeding a bit.

” Claire kind of got nervous and was kicking herself for not noticing how Clay had looked.

Claire, “What really how did you find out?” Jen, “Well someone from your class had already posted it on Chirp. I’m surprised you didn’t see him.” Claire, “Yea I must’ve left before he got back.

” Cait, “Good at least you weren’t anywhere near that loser when he came back.” Claire cringed slightly when she heard trying to hold back from saying anything.

Jen, “Anyways let’s just hang out for the rest of lunch do you want to?” Claire, “Yea sure.

” She said reluctantly mainly because she wanted to go to classroom to see if Clay was alright and she was right to worry because Clay has a lot more to worry about now besides Will and

his group.

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