Stone Heart Pt. 3
Stone Heart Pt. 3 romance stories

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This is the third part to my new story and gave it a new title hope you all enjoy.

Stone Heart Pt. 3

Clay was used to being treated like this. He could take the insults, the dirty looks and even the beating and he wouldn’t care.

But the only thing he would and could not tolerate is family being made fun of. Clay got pissed and got up quickly despite being hurt from his beating and punched Will with his full strength.

He punched Will right in face sending him tumbling over onto the ground. Jake and Liam were surprised by this but they both then started wailing on Clay.

He got punched over and over then he lost balance and fell over. That was when Will got up and along with Liam and Jake kicked Clay a couple of times. Before Will said, “You fucking asshole.

” He then spit on Clay and said, “Come on guys let’s leave this garbage here.” Will had a bloody nose and was in a bit of pain. Jake, “Hey man you okay? You got punched pretty hard.

” Will, “Yea I’m fine don’t worry about it let’s just go home.” The three then walked off. Clay laid there for a couple of minutes trying to get use to pain before he got up.

His face hurt really badly not only that but it was already some parts were turning blue. His nose was bleeding a bit and his body ached from being kicked.

He finally sat up and looked at the ground for a bit dazed when he heard footsteps coming that’s when he looked up and saw Claire standing there.

Claire and her friends were getting close to the pizza shop that was a block and a half away and all she could think about was Clay.

She knew those guys had picked bullied him before by pouring water on him. She knew she had to do something so she made up an excuse to get away from her friends.

Claire, “Oh crap I almost forgot that I had somethings to do at home.

” Jen and Cait looked at her and said, “What are you serious?

” Claire, “Yea I had some personal stuff to take care of in my room so I gotta go home right now” Jen and Cait both groaned and said,

“Fine you can go home we’ll just eat pizza without ya since we already came this far.” Claire, “Yea that’s fine we can get something to eat next time sorry.

” Jen, “Its fine go ahead and go home.” Claire smiled and waved bye to them and headed to see if she could find Clay.

She was getting close to the alley where she saw him and as she got close she saw the three boys walk out. She saw that one of them was bleeding and was expecting to worse.

She got to the alley and turned to see Clay siting there with his head down and as she approached he looked up and she saw his battered face.

She rushed over to him and gave him a hug and started crying. This surprised Clay because no one had ever worried like this about him besides his family.

As she cried she said, “I’m so sorry I should have helped you sooner.” She was sobbing because she felt that it was her fault that he looked like that.

Clay didn’t know how to respond he was in complete shock. Here was this girl that he barely even knew crying for him and who actually cared.

Claire let go of him and searched in her bag for something to wipe away some of the blood on his face.

She managed to pull out a handkerchief and gave it to Clay and said “Here use this to clean off some of the blood on your face.” He took it and wiped his face which, still had a cold expression.

He didn’t really know how to react to her kindness it was so foreign to him.

Claire, “You ok? Do you live somewhere near by so I can take you home?” Clay not wanting to bother her said, “No it’s fine I can get home on my own.

” Claire, “No you need someone to take you there.” Clay, “I said its fine besides you need to get home yourself it’s getting pretty late.

” Clay got up and started to walk off so she wouldn’t be able to argue with him longer. Claire grabbed her things and followed him since she wasn’t going to let him be by himself.

He exited the alley and was about to head straight home when Claire grabbed him by the arm and said, “No, I’m taking you home.

” Clay couldn’t argue anymore since he could see in her eyes that she was determined to take him home. So he gave in and said, “Ok fine. My house is this way.

” He put his head down and started walking with Claire walking besides him.

It was about a 15 minute walk from where they were and by now the sun was about to set over the horizon and giving off a warm glow.

The pair kept walking as an awkward silence kept the two from taking but Claire broke the silence and said, “So…umm…why did those three beat on you like that?

” Clay took a while to answer and said, “Well that’s just how it has always been. If not them then it’s someone else. I guess I’m just someone people can easily pick on.

” Claire, “I’m sorry that has to happen to you.” Clay, “Its fine. After a while you get use to the harassment and the pain that comes along with it.

” Claire couldn’t help but feel bad for him and wanted to say something else but what could she say? She never experienced the pain that he goes through on a daily basis.

She didn’t say anything after that and they just walked silently to Clay’s house.

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