Stone Heart Pt. 11
Stone Heart Pt. 11 romance stories

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Finally here is the next part and Clay treats Claire to a nice breakfast.
*If any of you read this I'd like to know what you all think of this story and my new one. I'm always looking for some feedback and I'd appreciate it if i heard your opinions thanks. And as always i hope you all enjoy.

Stone Heart Pt. 11

Claire woke up early Saturday morning and got ready. She took a shower and got on some comfy clothes. She was excited for this day since she was planning on seeing Clay.

She wanted to surprise him by showing up and hanging out with him.

She told he mom before she left that she was going to go see one of her friends and her mom said, “Alright dear just make sure to be back before 7 p.m.

ok?” Claire, “Alright I will see you later.” Her mom, “Ok dear be careful bye.” Claire waved to her mom and went out the door. She was out of the house and on her way to Clay’s place.

It took her awhile but she took in the morning air and liked how calm everything was so early even for a weekend.

But as she got closer she got more and more nervous since Clay was one of the first boys she has really gotten close to.

She started approaching Clay’s front yard and slowly edged to his door getting all the more nervous. She finally reached his door and calmed herself and knocked on his door a couple of times.

It took a bit before she heard anyone come. The person got to the door and fumbled with the lock and got it open.

The person who opened it was a sleepy Clay with his hair still a mess and sleepiness in his eyes. She gave him a simile and said “Hey Clay good morning.

” Clay then closed the door in her face and she heard him stumble up the stairs very obviously tripping on the way up because of a loud thud she heard.

She couldn’t help but giggle because of that.

She didn’t hear anything for bit guessing that he was in his room getting his clothes on and getting ready.

Then a few moments later she heard footsteps coming down the steps and the door opened again and Clay was dressed and more awake.

He then said, “Uhh good morning what are you uhh doing here so early?” He sounded a bit out of breath after having to get ready quick.

Claire then said, “Oh I just wanted to see how you were doing is all. Also wondering if you wanted to hang out or something.

” Clay was surprised but still delighted that she wanted to spend time with him today. Clay, “Yea sure we can hang out.

Do you want to maybe get something to eat first?” Claire, “Ok we can get some breakfast in town.” Clay had a different idea, “Why don’t I cook something here.

” Claire then said, “What can you really cook?” Clay, “Uhh yea a little enough to make a tasty breakfast.” Claire then said, “Alright ok you can make some breakfast here.”

Clay invited her in and then went into the kitchen and started to cook and Claire followed him in there and sat at the table. He got out some eggs, bread to toast and some bacon.

He fried the bacon first making sure it got nice and crispy then after that he started to fry the eggs. While he was cooking they both started to talk a bit.

Claire asked, “So what did you do all week?” Clay then said, “Uhh just stayed home the first day but got extremely bored.

So the next day I went out for a walk and to calm myself down and enjoying my day. Then the rest of the week I just did whatever to keep from getting bored.

I was actually planning on sleeping in today because I stayed up to late last night.

” Claire, “Really what did you do?” Clay, “Ehh what most guys do when it’s a weekend? I played video games until about four in the morning.

” Claire laughed a bit and said, “Wow I didn’t know you liked to play video games.” Clay, “Yea it helps me relieve my stress on certain days and keeps me from getting bored.”

Claire was going to ask another question when Clay got busy with the cooking again. He got the bacon nice and crispy and as well as the eggs.

He then got the toast going then soon enough he got the food down on the table. He got some orange juice and some cups. He then sat down and started to eat with Claire.

Claire wanted to ask something a little more personal. She was wondering about his past and what had happened back when he was a kid. Not to mention why everyone was still scared of him.

But she guess it had to wait another time. They ate and Claire was surprised how good it tasted. She didn’t know many guys who could cook but then again she hardly knew any except for family.

They finished eating and Clay had got the plates and utensils and put them in the dishwater and since he cooked Claire said, “Uhh let me wash those.” Clay, “No it’s fine I can do it.

” Claire, “Yea but you made a great breakfast for me so it is the least I could do.” Clay, “Ok but I’ll help you rinse.

” Clay got the dish water ready and Claire started to wash them while Clay rinsed and dried.

They both got it done quickly and then they went out into the living room they were going to sit down when Clay got a call from his mom asking him if he was ok and such.

Clay was a little embarrassed but he told her that Claire was here and his mom said, “Oh how sweet she must’ve came to check up on you.

You should take her out to the park or something since she made the effort to come see you.” Clay, “Ok I’ll figure something out.

” Then his mom said, “Oh by the way there is some money in my room in my jewelry box. Use that for your outing ok?” Then his dad in the background said, “Yea make sure you treat her well.

” Clay got a bit more embarrassed and his mom said, “Well sweetie you two enjoy yourselves bye.” Clay, “Bye mom.

” He hung up and then he asked Claire, “So uhh I was thinking do you want to go to the park or maybe a movie?

” Claire was surprise he asked but she was happy he did and she said, “Umm let’s go see a movie.” Clay, “Alright let me just go get somethings ready and we can go.

” Clay went up to his mom room and got the money and grabbed a few more things and he came back down and then they were out the door.

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