My Roommate Pt. 5
My Roommate Pt. 5 comedy stories
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Here is part 5 to my Roommate. Xavier soon takes off to meet Yolana. But is then confronted by his past.

My Roommate Pt. 5

Xavier was making his way down to the main lobby to meet up with Yolana but as he got down to the bottom he didn't see her anywhere.

He waited there for about 5 minutes but she still didn't show up. He was about to go back to his room until he got a text from Yolana.

Yolana, "Hey Xavier sorry I had to take care of somethings before we meet up. So could you meet me here.

" She told him the address and thought it was weird but he decided to just follow along and started to make his way to the address.

As he was walking he started thinking about what he was going to do tomorrow since it was already the weekend.

He thought that he might go home and spend a little time with his family and maybe bring back his gaming system for the times he had nothing to do.

He also wanted to see his family since he was already feeling a little homesick.

After that his mind wondered from topic to topic until he arrived at the address Yolana provided.

It was a night club which, he thought was weird because they thought they were going to do something else. He texted her, "Hey I made it I'm outside.

" He waited for a bit and finally got a text back, "Ok great I'll be out in a bit." He thought it was weird that she was already in there.

He waited for a bit then he heard Yolana from around the corner of the building, "Hey Xavier over here." He saw her peeking around the corner and waving him to come over.

At this point in time Xavier's instincts was going off and telling him not to go and that it was shady but he trusted her and walked over to her.

As soon as he rounded the corner a hand reached out and grabbed him by the collar and everything happened so fast and was soon on the pavement.

He was confused a bit but regained his orientation. He looked around to see who tossed him on the ground. And soon heard a voice that he wish he never heard again.

Vance, "Well, well, look at what we have here. I bet you missed me old friend." He then gave him a devious grin.

The guy was named Vance and was someone who used to bully Xavier a lot in high school and one of the reasons why he wanted to start over.

He crawled back a bit to distance himself and hopefully run away. Soon a few more guys walked out plus a few girls. And lo and behold Yolana was one of them.

He looked at her directly and she was trying to avoid eye contact.

He soon looked back at Vance and Vance said, "You seemed to be having to much fun with my dear Yolana there and I couldn't have that happen.

So I told her to have you come here to teach you a lesson." Xavier, "Woah hold on I didn't even knew she was with you. If I did I wouldn't have even talked to her.

" Vance, "Oh I appreciate the gesture but what's done is done so now time for your beating. Grab him guys." Then two of his friends grabbed his arms.

Xavier tried to struggle to get out but he was far to weak to do anything. As he tried struggling to get put Vance's fist landed a direct hit to Xavier's stomach.

Xavier wanted to throw up but he held it in. Vance, "Oh I see you toughened up a bit since we last met. Usually you would have been throwing up by now begging to be let go.

Well I'm sure that'll happen soon enough." Vance then started beating Xavier like a punching bag. He took body shot after body shot. And then started getting punches to the face.

Yolana couldn't stand to watch long. After the first few punches she walked off. But by the time Vance was done with him Xavier was a mess. His face was messed up and was bleeding.

His face hadn't gotten swollen yet but it was getting there. Vance, "Damn you sure know how to take a beating now. You didn't even beg once which, I have to give you respect for.

So I'll just let you off with that. Just leave him there boys." The two guys dropped him to the pavement and just left him there battered and bruised.

Xavier had a high pain tolerance but he was on the brink of breaking after that but he needed to get back to his dorm.

Also not only that there was no out front anymore since they all made it in. He just walked across the street and the pain clouded his mind and he didn't even think to call for help.

His brain was just on autopilot and was going to the one place he knew he'd be safe which, was his dorm room.

He limped all the way back to the dorm. His vision was blurry and getting fuzzy. He was on the brink of losing consciousness but he somehow kept going.

As he walked he used one hand to keep himself stable while the other held his chest to ease the pain a bit. The pain was a lot and the walk seemed to talk forever.

But soon enough he was at the front of the dorm building. He walked through the door and everything was silent and no one was around. He limped to the elevator and pressed the button.

He then had to wait there again and even that seemed to take a long time to him. Once it opened up he walked in and pressed his floor number and then started going.

The jolt from when the elevator started hurt him a lot but and made him almost black out. Then once the elevator finally stopped and he got out and slowly made his way to the dorm.

He got to his room and fumbled with the keys trying to open the door but his coordination was off and couldn't open it.

So he just gave up leaned against the door frame and slid down it and just stayed there for a bit. But then he heard footsteps approach the door and then open up.

Kara saw him there bloody and just a giant mess.

She was really surprised and was about to scream but noticed it was Xavier and what was terror soon turned into concern and she tried to wake him up and make sure he was responsive but he

was unconscious. She then called an ambulance to get him some help.

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