My Roommate Pt. 3
My Roommate Pt. 3 comedy stories

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Here is part 3. I plan to go back and forth between the two characters for some parts so just so you all know. With Xavier asleep we get to know a little about Kara and how she thinks and acts. And maybe get hints about her and Xavier's rocky past.

My Roommate Pt. 3

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Kara had put in her headphones as Xavier fell asleep. Kara said to herself, "Damn it why did things have to turn out this way.

I knew I shouldn't have slacked off with filling out my application." She laid in bed thinking of what to do. She could request to switch her room but she has no idea if they will even let her.

She thought about it for awhile before she got too frustrated and got out of bed.

She put on her shoes and grabbed her earphones and her keys because she didn't want to rely on Xavier to let her back in. She made sure she had everything and was soon out the door.

She was walking in the main courtyard in front of the dorm and walked around enjoying the warm air and to clear her head. It had been over five years since she last saw Xavier.

And things didn't end so well back then. It resulted in Xavier having to transfer schools and their friendship to break apart.

She shook her head and tried not to think about the crap that had taken place back then.

She had some how made her way to a fast food joint and just decided to grab a little something to eat before heading back. She went in and ordered some fries and a drink.

She got her fries pretty quickly and got her drink and sat down. She sat by the window because it was a nice night and the skies were clear and she wanted to have a nice view of it.

She put in her earphones and listened to her music as she ate. She was there for about 15 mins thinking and looking at the sky. She finished her fries and her drink, got up and threw it away.

She walked out and made her way back to dorms

She got back in and opened the door quietly as to not wake up Xavier because she didn't want to deal with him. It was already almost 12 a.

m she had been out for awhile but it was a much needed time to relax and think. Although she didn't really think of how to get out of this situation but at least it relieved some of her stress.

She sat on her bed and took off her shoes and laid down. She took out her phone and started messaging some of her high school friends that were still awake.

Two of her friends replied who where Maria and Abby. They had been friends since high school and were pretty close to one another.

Maria had gone to a different University in another city and Abby was taking a year off before she started.

Kara wanted to talk to them about Xavier but she had never mentioned him to them before and didn't want to go into full detail about their previous friendship and what had happened.

But she talked with two for about two hours about how they were doing and such when she realized it was almost 2 in the morning.

He first class was pretty early so she told those two that she needed to sleep so she said good night and finally went to bed.

She was fast asleep when Xavier had left which, was around 7. She didn't get up until 8:30 and her first class was at 9.

She woke up and looked at her phone and said, "Oh shit!!" She fell out of bed and quickly got ready.

She usually takes her time to make herself look good but she didn't want to be late for her first class so she did her best to look ok. She just put on a plain blue shirt and regular jeans.

She did a little bit of her makeup and was out the door. She quickly stopped by a little stand and bought a breakfast sandwich.

She ate as she ran which, was a bad idea since she didn't have anything to drink.

She took a bite and tried to swallow but her throat was dry that it took forever to go down and did a few hiccups as tried to get it down.

She stopped and hit her chest to make it go down but it wouldn't work until she spotted a water fountain and drank a lot of water to finally get the food down.

She breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I'm such a dummy.

" She then decided to take her time to get to her class since she was close and had enough time to get there despite being late to wake up.

She finally got to class right as the bell rang for class to start. She walked in tired already and was perspiring. Her shoulders were slump and she barely dragged herself to her seat.

She regretted staying up so late. But luckily for her the teacher only went over what they were going to do over the semester to get them prepared and to know what to expect.

The class seemed to have dragged on for her but she finally made it to the end. She got up and went to her next class which, was more of the same but this class lasted till lunch.

She walked to the food court in the main building on campus and got something to eat. She had decided to get some pizza since it has been her favorite food since she was little.

As soon as she had gotten her food and drinks and sat down Maria had texted her and said, "Ugh why does classes have to drag on for so long.

" Kara, "Tell me about it I barely made it through my two classes this morning." Then Abby joined in and said, "Oh hey guys I barely got up what did i miss.

" That was when both Kara and Maria messaged, "Oh shut up." Which, made her laugh a bit. They ended up talking all through lunch until Maria had to go to her final class of the day.

Kara had already finished all her classes for the day and decided to walk around and explore the campus a bit.

When she finished sightseeing the sun was going down so she decided to head back to her room despite the chance of her having to deal with Xavier.

She just wanted to get home and watch videos on her phone. She got back to the room and opened the door and noticed that Xavier was already back and was already asleep.

She thought to herself, "Oh good now I don't have to deal with him." She took off her shoes and got into some comfortable clothes on in the bathroom.

She walked out and sat on the bed only to here Xavier say, "Kara." In a real soft tone and she looked at him and she say a tear running down his cheek.

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