My Roommate Pt. 13
My Roommate Pt. 13 comedy stories
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Ok we finish up Kara's story after Xavier left and find out how he met Quinn. Thanks for reading it this far and I appreciate all your guy's support thank you all and I hope you enjoy my future content.

My Roommate Pt. 13

Kara had cried herself to sleep and woke up the next day and thought everything was just a dream. She got up and got ready and walked over to Xavier's house one last time.

She walked up knocked on the door and no answer. She looked inside the house and empty. What she feared was true and she had herself to blame.

She went back home and tried to message him again but still no answer.

He didn't even look at then since the app she uses shows if the recipient of the message read it or not and it showed unread. She decided to just leave it and not worry about it anymore.

What's done is done and she can't do anything about it now. To clear her head and feel a bit better she decided to head to the mall today by herself and just browse and maybe shop a bit.

She went to the mall and was walking around when she saw Trevor.

She thought it was good timing and was about to go walk up to him but just before she did she saw a girl run up to him and hug him and kiss him.

What Xavier was trying to tell her this whole time was true and she didn't believe him. She was very angry and walked up to Trevor tapped on his shoulder.

Trevor turned around and saw her, "Oh uh Kara uh.

" He was stumbling over his words not knowing what to say and before he could open his mouth to say anything Kara made a fist and punched him right in the face. Kara, "You fucking jackass.

You made me turn against my own friend for no reason. I should've never believed you." She looked at the other girl and said, "If you know what's good for you.

You'd do your best to leave this scumbag alone." Kara turned and walked away.

She was feeling very stupid and the hurt that she felt over Xavier leaving was even worse after what had just happened.

She went home empty handed but felt a little better since she got back at Trevor after what he had done. She got home and went straight to her room and locked herself in all day.

She was very depressed and was just on her phone hoping that Xavier would answer but never did.

She just gave up on trying to message him and deleted the app and never touched it again which, was exactly what Xavier did which, is why he never got her message.

She knew that they'd probably never speak to each other again and she just accepted it.

But what she was mad at Xavier was that he never told her exactly why he wanted to her to break up with Trevor until it was to late.

So a few years had passed and she was in her Junior year of high school and had barely been a month into the school year when she met another guy who she didn't know if she liked or not

but thought he was nice and all kind. He reminded her of Xavier but he wasn't quite the same as him. They hung out for a while and grew closer but they never started going out.

But that guy however had it in his head that they were so he started getting possessive of her. He'd always know where she was and was always showing up in places that she didn't expect.

He was basically stalking her. It was like this for awhile until they graduated and on that day he tried asking her out but she said no and rejected him. But he didn't take it quite well.

He was use to getting all he wanted and Kara was he wanted the most. After that he started to mess with her and harassing her.

Because of that she had to change the place where she wanted to attend college.

It worked for a while but the guy named Quinn found her again and this time things will turn out differently since Xavier was there.

For some reason Kara reflected on all that had happened which, led her to her current situation of her ex bestfriend as her roommate and her crazy stalker on the other side of her dorm door.

She then thought to herself, "What the hell did I do to get into thos situation?

" Xavier was getting pretty curious as to who the guy was and couldn't hold it back anymore and finally got up from his desk and sat on his bed across from Kara and asked,

"Ok who the hell is that guy? My curiosity got the best of me." Kara sighed, "Alright fine I'll tell you.

" Kara didn't want to get Xavier to get involved but she thought maybe this was for the best and maybe he could help just like old times and said,

"Well this all started back in Junior year of high school. He was a transfer student who had barely came in and sat next to me in class.

At first it was an innocent friendship and reminded me a lot of someone special who shall remain nameless." Xavier squinted his eyes and said, "Hmm I sense some bullshittery here. But go on.

" Kara tried to hold herself back from laughing because of the face Xavier made but continued, "Anyways he ended up becoming a close friend but I always kind of felt off about him.

But the day of Graduation he asked me out. If it had been when we first met I might've said yes but our friendship was beyond that point so I said no.

I think that set him off and after that he got pretty possessive and started showing up in places that I'd be and would have told no one about.

He was the main reason why I came here because I thought I could fool him but I guess that didn't workout.

" Xavier thought about what she had said and sighed, "You seem to be a magnet for creeps you know that?" Kara got a bit mad and said, "If that's true what does that make you?

" Xavier squinted his eyes and thought for a bit, "I don't count you met me before you became a magnet for creeps." Kara, "Oh God you smartass.

" Xavier then said, "Soooo you want me to help you getting rid of that creep?

" Kara didn't quite know what to say because of all that had happened she couldn't accept any of his help because she still felt so guilty.

Kara, "No, no it's fine I'll deal with this myself since this my problem." Xavier thought about it then laid in bed and put his hands behind his head and said, "Alright fine suit yourself.

" He did that just to antagonize her and make her ask for his help but she didn't budge and just said, "Ok I appreciate your offer and concern.

Now that let me check if that creep is still here." Before Kara got up Xavier reached over to his desk and grabbed a spray can and said, "Oh Kara catch.

" He threw the spray can at her and she caught it and he said, "Make sure to disinfect anything that he touched. I don't want that creep to get me sick.

" Kara tried not to laugh and just, "Ok I will." She got to the door and opened it and Quinn was gone. But still she just sprayed the everywhere he could have touched on and around the door.

She practically used half the can and went back in her room. Kara, "Ok it's been disinfected so you should be safe.

" Xavier, "Oh my hero however will I repay you?" Kara, "Well you can order me a burger tomorrow for dinner.

" Xavier, "Oh you actually took that seriously?" Kara, "Yes because it was a dangerous job and I require compensation." Xavier, "Alright fine I'll get you burger tomorrow.

Anyways I'm going to sleep good night." He then rolled over and tried to sleep. Kara looked over to him and said, "Alright Goodnight." And she laid down and rolled over and fell asleep.

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