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riz_delphinus Community member
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A little story of my life


When I fell for you it opened my eyes it broke down the walls that I built in my heart and wonder is this what it means to love

to show the light you kept in fear to open a forgotten door  hidden in the trees to let someone touch through the armor you wore for years

but I'm afraid as much as I love you I could not let you in for you are a girl and so is the body  my soul is in

I feared to be different  from who I was told to be I feared that I am no longer  who I mold myself to be

I feared the truth that I fell madly and truly in love with you when I'm not strong enough to face the consequences of confessing  these feelings for you

So I built the walls one more time and bury the love  as I pass the time

but I have always wondered at the back of my mind if I was brave to love you will you be brave And love me too

- Soul has no gender, I learned this the hard way

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