Out To Sea
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Be courageuos captain!

Out To Sea

Captain, oh captain look in my eye.

I'm blind wearing shades of summer when darkness descend day.

You keep saying I see, but you do not know me at all.

I am not alone being beside myself as I hear mutiny

of sword rattle hands fit to be tied.

Our fear grows, gone with the wind

when so many knots we travel tether sky to sail.

Anchor is a castaway, lost on land grabbing shore from greedy seas

where wave of guilt drown you and yore.

Old skull 'n' bones shanghied ships with plop plop cannonball

whiz whizzes till we go nose to nose, becoming warring foes

with those that we don't see eye to eye.

Captain, oh captain look in her eye.

Sloppy air kisses soothe break up blues

where watery eye drift us apart.

Sharks are out for blood, maddened by your deceit

for mermaid's desire for feet.

Great whites turn tail when your black beard bows blue ribbon

and arms flail on clipper rail crammed with, um......well puke.

Thar she blows.....heading for our ship!

The End.

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