On a long enough timeline...
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riverfr0zenwriter, programmer, photographer?
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On a long enough timeline...

by riverfr0zen

It's been a few days now.

It's been a few days now. Already.

Still waking up from a dream where something serious


and the only sense of urgency I'm experiencing

is the original Transformers theme.

(Gosh, how many Optimus Primes are there in this photo?) I thought there was just one -- the one with the Matrix of leadership inside her).

Because we're now watching Trump *transform*

into a regular Washington *dude*, and there is a fear

about how those he duped for votes are going to react.

Maybe they won't realize.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
9 months agoReply
I have a little quotation for you. "It is easier to lie to the public than it is to convince that same population that they have been lied to.".....Adolph Hitler. You essay was wonderful. The insight and wisdom you have shown is remarkable. Keep watching as this comedy of errors unfolds. Watch his electorate make every excuse in the world for why he only was able to deliver and handful of bullshit. Great post by the way!!!!!