Obviously Resorting to Quantum
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Obviously Resorting to Quantum

by riverfr0zen

Someone on the Internet asked: "Any

any Thanksgiving arguments yet?"




"Let me know :)"

*very short pause*

sub-nanosecond quality

"More immediate concerns, I'm afraid," I replied at once.

Almost--automatically. Or wait, is this semi? Semi-automatically? Why is the narrator holding a gun? I don't need this. Put this away.

"Ppl want to know: where *exactly* did that D12 roll off?

(This is the brand of quarrel over here)

Did it roll off into the couch recess, or

into a whole other dimension?"

You see, these are the arguments going on right now.

*They* want me to move from my position of comfort,

my hard-fought prestige, my kittykat-like purrmobile.

*They* want to claim victory based off of some sad

lonely piece of plastic so lodged in such dark recess,

but I:

I want them to at least imagine first, the possibility that

the D12 is not there.

It is in several distinct states.

I want everyone to, before I shift my ass,

first contemplate the many possibilities

in all their full ripeness.

(e.g. the possibility that I might win) <-- no, don't allow this into the final piece! ;)

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