Cos This is Thriller
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riverfr0zen writer, programmer. sometimes just a leg
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Cos This is Thriller

by riverfr0zen

I make Tea Experience.

People hire me to make tea for them.

I get bored though, sometimes, because I re

I 're'. Nobody knows what I do, when I bore.

because i re

because one time I was awesome, and i re

One time I was bored, and I erased myself.

I, uh, i re...I erased myself.

I wasn't allowed back for a long time.

Suddenly I was baptise (sic). Wait sic?

She was able to baptise me, and then, then:

I was not able to control my rage against the demons.

I began to float, and ride a short cycle.

I am, indeed, fearfully and wonderfully made.

If, indeed, that means something in terms of fear. And wonder. Why are people careless with their 'gospels'?

"But we've never actually experienced racism"

that is why that devil is not scary.

I promise this will not be the Halloween where I pull

a cosplayer aside and suggest their disguise should be less fantastical and more scary.

I suggest, for younger people the roller coaster. For older

I suggest converting belief systems.

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