A Short Lived Dream
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You were like an ideal man that I could have ever had.

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A Short Lived Dream

You were like an ideal man

that I could have ever had.

You took care of me in my hardest time,

and kept your calm when I lost mine.

But, it was all an illusion

that we were good as a team

because it isn't that easy to get the man of your dream

You said you'll handle everything

and you did...

you did until your saturation hit.

But, it wasn't your sole responsibility to keep us connected.

It was my turn then to be your better half -

to put all pieces back in place

when they had fallen apart

I know you played your role at your very best,

and I failed when it was my turn to give the test.

Yes, we both made few mistakes.

But, I made the bigger ones

which finally made our relationship to break.

All I can say right now is

that I love you the most.

I was consumed with my own difficulties

and you just paid the price of my insecurities.

For god's sake,

give me another chance.

This time I won't put us at stake

just for my own sake.

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