War, Elements, and Magic: CH 2: Sub: 1: Acadia May
War, Elements, and Magic: CH 2: Sub: 1: Acadia May fantasy stories

ritcoguy That guy, for better or worse.
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'Watch the right flank! The Avon are pushing hard!' Now here was the challenge I've been waiting for. 15 years of the academy has led to this point, with me staring down the enemy I swore to destroy.

War, Elements, and Magic: CH 2: Sub: 1: Acadia May

'Watch the right flank! The Avon are pushing hard!'

Now here was the challenge I've been waiting for. 15 years of the academy has led to this point, with me staring down the enemy I swore to destroy.

'Watch from the rear, it's the Ern!'

Yet, I wasn't here because I hated them. I know, kind of hard to kill someone who you don't really have that much opinion on.

'Major, watch your left!'

I was in this for the adventure, the chance to see the world and what it was truly like outside the walls of Orto. I dreamed about it every day and night I could.

I saw an Ern from the corner of my eye. Just like I was warned, he was on my left. I turned my head and stared at the Ern. As I did he began to slow down.

It was plain to see that he was starting to regret it.

I didn't see the point of killing him. He was just as scared as some of my men. If anything, he had more guts than some of them as well. I felt pity for him.

He didn't need to be here, yet here he was, seemingly charging for dear life. 'Look, turn back now.' I said with both pistols aimed right at his head.

'Go home and live the rest of your days with your family. This is a place for people willing to die no matter what the cost for the idea they believe in'

Hypocrite. I didn't believe in my country all that much, or the newfangled ideas coming from the elite, much less die for it...

I continued. 'I can see it in your eyes, you don't belong here.'. I then turned my back on him. Stupid mistake, I know.

In fact I might have made him mad a bit by saying that, because he charged me right afterwards.

With his blade quickly closing the distance, I took out my magical devices, the alles and the konnte. Aiming both right at his kneecaps, he went down right as the shots made contact.

I quickly put both of my pistols away before saying 'Take him to the temporary jail. See if we can get any information on his comrades whereabouts and what not.'.

One of the privates nodded as she dragged away the Ern.

Looking through the forest, I could finally appreciate the nice breeze as I stood there. For just a few moments, I felt relaxed. But as we all know, good things never last.

I saw a few enemy units on either side of my unit.

In that instance, my senses finally regained control of my thoughts, with it taking only a few seconds for me to yell at orders again, 'Sergeant Rose, take squadrons one through five,

and have them hold up the right flank. Warrant Officer Heta, take control of group B and squad eight, and secure the left and back. As for me...'

As I talked, I started taking a few blood bags from the back. After making sure they were secure, I climbed up from the trench, and said '...I'll be scouting out the front.

Lieutenant Kea, take charge until I return, you got it?'

'Hold on a second Major! What's the basis order? Just defend this area?'

'You got it!'.

I honestly didn't care what they did to be quite frank. I just knew this was my chance. The world was waiting to be discovered, I was the one who was going to do that.


I could feel my right leg explode in pain as I collapsed on the ground. On the left was another unit of Ern. The one who shot me could be clearly seen.

With sweat outline his entire face, and his comrades patting him on the back, him and several of his men took aim at me once again.

Once the shots rang out, I instinctively attempted to dodge, but my leg screamed with pain as I rolled over. As I did, one of the bullets grazed my side.

I couldn't hide it, the graze and my right leg hurt like HELL. As I yelled out for help, both my lieutenant and a second lieutenant pulled me closer to the trench.

I mean, I think I have the worst luck in the world. I tried to leave only for a second, only to get shot.

As I was pulled, several flames and stones flew past me, with half of the Ern Unit easily knocked out. Only using a second of time I looked over and drew my main device, the Hecate.

However, before I even saw them, I knew who they were. The Ritkan soldiers also recognized me pretty quickly as well, and within an instant, I began the most one-sided duel of my life so far.


With that, a sudden explosion, much bigger than the barrel of my Hecate, was fired towards the Riktans.

Right as it arrived at it's target, one of the soldiers in the back of their unit raised their hand towards the sky and kicked into the air,

summoning what seemed to be a two feet thick rock barrier. However, I could hear from some of the groans in the front that I left my mark.

I had to think of one way or another to deal with them before the Ern had time to realize the opening. I looked to my side, but I could only find my blood bags....

That's right! I quickly set up the bags to go into me as I began to conjure up the spell in my head, as I did I could see the blood bags quickly draining as my aura began to grow.

I gradually stood up, though still unbelievably painful. After taking a few seconds, I yelled out for dramatic effect 'ULTIMUS EKRIXI!'.

In one sudden burst, a glowing yellow ball was fired from my Hecate. Once it reached the stone wall, it exploded on impact, with shrapnel flying all over the place.

The size of the explosion was comparable to the size of one of the old redwood trees.

As I stared at the destruction, I almost forgot to protect myself from the after effects, with my roll into the trenches the only thing preventing any further damage.

I stole a glance at the mess I made, only to see a 30 foot crater where the Riktans once stood.

And within what seemed to be 50 feet of the impact, nothing existed, not even the trees that were there beforehand.

I didn't know how to feel. On one hand, I saved my unit the trouble of dealing with the Riktans, but I felt as if I should feel more guilty, more empathy, towards those I got rid of.

After looking around for a bit, a couple of privates gave me their notes on the surroundings,as well as giving me their own thoughts.

The guy on my right, he was the one to speak first. 'If you to the east, a little down the path we noticed a friendly...

' as he talked, he's supposed friend bumped him in his shoulder and coughed.

I laughed for the first time in awhile. 'We're in the middle of a war zone private, don't worry about addressing me as the O'great Ion Major or anything like that.

Right here and now, you are my fellow soldier-in-arms, nothing more, nothing less.'.

The private on the right sighed in relief, and started to speak a bit more casually, saying 'Well, I managed to spot a friendly unit to the east.

When I signaled them, they signaled back that we should hold our position. They also signaled that we should relax while we can. I think they're right.

After all, it's predicted that the Ern have 100,000 on this field right now.'

The private on the left chipped in, and said 'I agree with Private Weru here, ma'am. If I may say, I think we might actually have a tough time with the amount those Ern are tossing at us.'

As they talked, I began to feel at ease. I mean, I did nearly kill myself with my own spell. With that in mind, I blurted 'Y'all gonna die tomorrow'.

As I finally laid down properly, the only response I got were cold glares, along with some trembling bodies.

Finally, the private on the left, wait, what is her name?, spoke up again, and replied with 'What do you mean we're all going to die?'

'Sorry, I forgot to mention that that's IF you don't pay attention and get some rest. Tomorrow is going to be even more hectic than today, that much I can almost guarantee.'

Most of the troops laughed, probably out of relief, as they cheered and sang the night the way.

As they performed for the entire forest to hear, I slept peacefully, with nothing clouding my head as I fell asleep.

Well, there was something.... Ah it was probably nothing important.

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