Can't see
Can't see poetry stories

riri Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   10 days ago
Just a short poem kind of about perspective...

Can't see

There's so much the human eye can't see

They pass about just everything

Without seeing the beauty

The beauty that means so much to me

The dandelions floating in the air

The silky texture of her hair

The sun so bright but yet so far

The trees, they're like a work of art

So why doesn't the average human see

The thing that means so much to me

Because they have they're own little thing

Their thing that means so much to them

The smile on a small kids face

Their favorite ice cream place

But if we stop to take a look, we'll see

The thing that is their everything

And if they stop and take a little peep

They'll see what means so much to me

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