A Couple's Day Off
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rinkou just your typical dreamer
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Just a short interaction between a couple that are total opposites.

A Couple's Day Off

By Rinkou Nothing is owned by me, except my stories.

Laying on the bed, a pair of hazel eyes blinked open. The owner of the eyes gazed at the man beside her on the bed, who was smiling down at her.

“Your dumb smile is blinding my eyes.”

The man chuckled, stroking her hair in a loving manner. She didn't want to admit that she melted a little at that action, just a little.

“Hey, come on now. You wanna ruin this man's happiest day?”

The woman snorted a little. "What's making you so happy anyway?"

His gorgeous ocean blue eyes softened, and the man leaned down, placing a kiss on his lover's forehead.

“Cause, you're here with me. And this isn't a dream.”

The woman blushed at his words, and the man knew she was embarrassed by his words...he even knew what to expect next.

“Ugh.” The man grunted out.

A petite hand was pushing his face away, and the man glanced down, seeing his lover's shy expression.

“Stop with those cheesy words.”

The man grinned, pulling her hand away from his face, kissing it gently. “I have more cheesy words in mind.”

“Don't you dare.”

He snickered at her, despite her glare, he knew she wasn't used to such loving words. She was used to being treated coldly by others.

“Alright, alright. I won't tease you any further.”

...it's not that I didn't like it...

The woman thought with a frown on her face, as she watched the man getting up from the bed. He spun around, giving her a light smile.

“Coffee or tea? I'll make one for you since I'm making one for myself.”

Without warning, the woman lifted herself off the bed, stretching her arm out and pulling the man down. She pecked him softly on his lips, an apologetic look in her eyes.

“...sorry, I didn't mean to get all grumpy.”

The man blinked in surprise, still processing was just occured.

“And I would like some coffee, Eric. Thank you.”

Eric coughed once, still blinking at his lover in confusion. He patted her head, controlling the urge to grin like a big idiot.

“Since when did you become so cute, Alicia?”

Alicia buried her head into his shoulder, growing shy yet again.

“...shut up.”

Eric laughed heartily, it seems like they still have a long way to go before he can fully melt her icy heart.

The end Thanks for reading :) Inspired from a manga

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