the addict
the addict

rinkikaKinda sad but I'm still kickin
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the addict

by rinkika

i can not even begin to comprehend how you have to be to be okay with doing this to a person

you took advantage of him

you just manipulated him you made him believe that he isn't worthy of love

he is my best friend and you used him. you knew damn well that he loved you and you used it to get whatever attention you could.

you're addicted to it

he loved you so much. still does. and i know he does because despite the fighting and manipulation he still continues to care about you and be nothing but sweet to you.

you have to really love someone a lot to continue to love them after constant abuse

because that's what this is

an abuse of power

you have him wrapped around your finger and you know it. you use it to get as much fucking attention as you can

cuz you're an addict, just itching for your next fix

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