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rinkikaKinda sad but I'm still kickin
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by rinki

I fuckin love space

It's so expansive

and empty

and full of solitude

I wish I could live there for a while

Escape the chaos that is planet Earth

See the stars every night

I don't know if I would take anyone with me

I feel like it wouldn't end well if I did

But I'd probably go insane and get dangerously depressed and suicidal if I didn't

I'm always complaining about how I just want to be left alone

For everyone to let me sleep

Let me listen

"Just let me live"

But while solitude is nice, so are people

People like Daniel who can make you laugh

People like Peyton who can make you snap out of what ever it is you are thinking of with her straight forward manner

People like Jasmine who you could talk to for hours and hours

The people that you choose for your sports team in PE

The people you want to work with on a group project

The people you DONT want to work with

Any and all people, as long as their heart is in the right place, are amazing

Our generation and species may be fucked up

Possibly doomed

At least we made it count

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