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rinkikaKinda sad but I'm still kickin
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by rinkika

Lies are sprinkled throughout our lives

Whether they are little white lies

"Yeah that was great!"

Or drastic ones

"Of course I love you!"

They are still a part of every waking moment

Sometimes people lie to others

It doesn't feel good to be lied too

To loose trust I'm someone is the most hopeless felling in the world

People also lie to themselves

I'm not sure which is worse to be quite honest

Because being lied to is hurtful

But then it's gone and you can walk away from it

You can't separate your mind from itself,so to speak

So it tears you apart from the inside instead of only affecting you briefly

Everyone tells lies

And they obviously aren't good despite who you are

But I have decided: lying to yourself is worse than any lie IVE ever been told

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