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rinkikaKinda sad but I'm still kickin
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Last day

by rinkika

In the minutes leading up to that moment, everyone around me was buzzing with excitement.

Eager to finally be done with ancient history and life sciences and whatever they had been learning in math that year.

They were going to be the older ones on campus: the big dogs, the role models.

I, meanwhile, am sitting at my desk fidgeting wishing I could relive the year and do a million things differently.

I wish I had gotten to know Grant earlier.

I wish I hadn't been naive thinking Gage( of all people ) actually liked ME.

And I'm here wishing this last minute could last just a little longer so I wouldn't have to say goodbye.

Then I hear it.

I hear the bell ring and my stomach drops and I feel like I want to cry, but I plaster on a smile and pretend I'm the happiest person ever for it to be summer.

The time of bikinis and low self esteem.

Summer sun and uncomfortable heat.

I'm in a daze wandering, gathering friends to go home with me for a end-of-school party.

Then I see him for the last time.

He's talking with his friends and immediately regret looking up.

I want to break down right there in front of the school.

But I don't.

I fake a smile and my friends and I sing cheesy songs at the top of our lugs all the way home.

Its in this moment I realize that this isn't a big deal, but I will still, most likely, never forget that day with Grant.

Where we talked about the quality of horror movies and played paddle ball and counted grams of sugar.

The one where he started to like me.

The one that marked the beginning of an era.

Just as this day marked

The End

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