Dear Exhibited,
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rinkikaKinda sad but I'm still kickin
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Dear Exhibited,

by rinkika

Thank you

Thank you so much

Thank you for all you have done

Most of it you are probably oblivious to

But you helped me so much

All of you

The girl who wholeheartedly believes that she is a loser, but makes me so happy when she sings

The boy who struggled with self worth. Who wrote about the fundamental feelings of depression in such a creative way.

The boy who struggled with anxiety. Who only breathed plan A. The heartbeat of the music Mr. Self Worth sings

The guy who doesn't think he's enough. Who feels like he has to prove himself. He makes me so happy when he pops up on my screen.

The dude who deals with it all: depression, anxiety, self worth issues, awkwardness and so much more. He inspires me so much because he gets out of bed every day and lives his life

The person l who is gay and loves it. they embrace it despite being kicked out by their parents. They figured their shit out and now theyre happy

Thank you all so much for helping me. Although you may never read this letter I want to let you know how gracious I am for your existence.

Thank you

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