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rinkikaKinda sad but I'm still kickin
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by rinkika

Ok so this is going to be me bursting out all my thoughts at the risk of sounding cheesy oh well here goes.

I'm still sad and I don't know why I have no reason to I can pin point exactly why

I got a bad grade on that test damnit I can't do anything right I don't why I can't obsorb the information that is being given to me

I really have to pee fuckkk

I'm so inl love with her but im not sure what it is somethings off like i love her and i want to be around her all the time but it's overwhelming?? Idk if that's the right word

Idk what's going on with my parents and i don't know if I want to know tbh I'd much rather kind of shut bad things out and just listen to my music and laugh and sleep

Tyler Joseph is a fucking GENIUS

I really want to drive away from here with out my parents or just get away from them somehow I love them to death but I need to get away from this house

I don't understand why Peyton doesn't understand why i curl and twist my sheet music in my hands in choir I'm a fidgety person it's either that of snapping or me poking you so pick your battles

Arctic Monkeys are pretty cool man I want to have a conversation with the lead singer that would be interesting

My head hurts all the time and it feels like it's full of water or cotton or something almost like my thoughts are objects

Ok I'm done :))

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rinkikaKinda sad but I'm still kickin
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rinkikaKinda sad but I'm still kickin
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rinkikaKinda sad but I'm still kickin
10 months ago
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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
10 months agoReply
This stream of conscientiousness was revealing and honest. I think the writing was colloquial and charming. Want some advice from an old old man? This too shall pass. The feeling of needing to get away from your parents is age appropriate. You are preparing for independent adulthood. You did a great job of stating the status quo!!!