Forgiveness. Riley Guiles
Forgiveness. Riley Guiles forgiveness stories

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you live on here and nowhere else. not my image.

Forgiveness. Riley Guiles

We met.

You decided I was something to take advantage of

to use and reuse

until I stopped being fun.

Are girls just dolls to you?

Is that the image you get of us every time you jack off?

You treated my passions and seriousness as a joke

because it wasn't what you wanted me to be.

You thought you owned me.

And you thought you owned her

until we proved you wrong.

You left so quick. You didn't want to be here.

You thought this world was gonna wrap itself around your pinky

but boy, you were so goddamn wrong

you left without a trace while I was busy.

And I'm sure you're reading this now, knowing its about you

and wondering why it's called forgiveness

when I don't fucking forgive you.

I still have your messages.

I've been sharing them with other people who want to know what kind of person you're really like

or what kind of person you were to me versus what kind of person you were to them

but the more I give people my phone and have them start from the very beginning, the more I realize

you aren't worth the time

and I was so silly to think you were.

I don't forgive you.

You still try to linger.

But you left.

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