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read this poem and you'll get the point. not my image.

Eyes. Riley Guiles

All the Earth in the eyes

seeing our home reflected in two small wet spheres

wedged into divots in our skull.

We wipe dirt and tears

from our sensitivities

and look into our souls

with the white, then the color, then the black circles

we all carry.

"Watch and learn."

"Did you see me?"

"You look stunning."

"I wanna see that again."

"What do you wanna watch?"

"No peeking!"

We say it all the time

it's always there

you can't possibly escape it

even if you can't see it.

Without the eyes you hear all the lack of possibilities.

They say no more sports

tv shows are impossible

art is a no go

look at all the stuff you're told you can't do

if colors and shapes are irrelevant to your brain.

But there are no limits

unless you think you can see them.

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