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Dean stared at the tv with a beer in his hand, he didn't want to have to think about the hunt he just went on. Some monster was kidnapping girls and eating them as a part of a ritual or something.


Dean stared at the tv with a beer in his hand, he didn't want to have to think about the hunt he just went on.

Some monster was kidnapping girls and eating them as a part of a ritual or something.

He and Sam had gotten there too late to save any of the missing girls, but they made sure that no one else would at the hands of this monster.

He took a quick sip as Sam walked into the room freshly showered, his long hair still dripping. "Dean, we did good. We killed it that's what matters, you can't save everybody."

Dean turned his head sharply "Yeah? Well tell all of those girls who're dead that we did a good job and see if they say the same thing!" He shouted.

"Dean" Sam started in his deep calming voice.

"Don't Sammy, I don't want to talk about it" he turned his head back to the TV and ignored Sam.

"Hello Dean" came a familiar deep voice from behind making them both jump.

They turned around to see Cas staring worriedly at Dean.

"Hey Cas, what're you doing here?" Dean asked, hoping it wasn't the angels again trying to kill them.

"You were calling me Dean. You said you wished I was here so that you wouldn't have to feel like you do."

Dean went pale and started to splutter out a few words but was cut off.

"It is alright, Dean. I know that what you just went through was hard and I can't say that I'm not worried about you." His eyes quickly flicked over to Sam's. "You too, Sam.

" He returned his focus to Dean.

"Cas I'm fine, and I didn't call you" Dean huffed.

"You didn't call directly, but you meant your thoughts so truly that I heard them from where I was. I'm here, Dean. Whatever you need from me, I'm here.

" Cas said with sheer determination and a little bit of something else that Dean couldn't place on his face.

Dean was dumbfounded, he couldn't think of anything to say at all. Sam got up and moved to the other end of the motel room to his bed and laid down.

"I'm going to bed, thanks for coming Cas good night" he said and turned over away from them.

"Night Sammy" Dean said turning back to Cas. "So uh, do you want to sit down? Since you're here anyways" he spluttered.

Cas, not wanting to leave Dean alone like this, nodded and sat down next to him on the small couch. "Thank you, Dean."

Dean seemed to relax just a tiny bit with Cas next to him, but only someone who knew him really well would be able to tell.

Over the next hour or so Dean ended up getting sleepy and nodded off right there in front of the TV, somehow leaning his head-and most of his body- on Cas.

Cas, sensing that Dean wouldn't wake up easily any time soon, carefully moved himself into a sideways sitting position and adjusted Dean so that he was laying on him with his back to Cas' chest.

Cas knew from experience that Dean could be a big baby when it came to neck pains in the morning from bad sleeping positions so Cas made sure he was as comfortable as he could be.

Somehow though, the thought of putting him in his bed hadn't crossed his mind. Once he was sure that Dean was perfectly placed he settled in for a night of TV.

When Dean woke up it was very slow at first, then all at once, he jumped up and away from Cas as though he was made of fire. "Jeez Cas what were...

why was i-were we like, that? I thought you were a monster." He let out a nervous chuckle.

"You fell asleep, Dean."Cas said. "I didn't want you to get a," he thought for a moment for the right word. "Crick in your neck. I thought you slept very well, was I mistaken?"

Dean chuckled slightly "No no. I slept alright" in fact, Dean thought, I slept better than I have for years.

"I just wasn't expecting to wake up like that, you know personal space and all of that."

Dean didn't want to admit that he really wanted to sleep like that with him again. He felt so at ease, like he knew he'd be safe no matter what, and he didn't have a single bad dream.

No dreams at all actually and that was perfect for him. Just a sense of peace and well being.

"Personal space, yes, but I do believe you were the one who started leaning on me first, Dean. I don't mind it though. It was very nice, we should do it again sometime.

" Cas said studying Dean's morning face.

He needed to shave and brush his teeth but for the life of him he just couldn't get up the nerve to walk away to the bathroom.

They just stared into each others eyes and enjoyed the silence, wanting nothing more than to just stay that way forever.

But then Sam came in with breakfast and the moment shattered.

Dean smiled at Cas then stood up "I'll join you in a minute Sam" he said marching to the bathroom, he looked over his shoulder for one more look at Cas, but he was gone.

It made Dean feel sad again and hollow, like a piece of him had been taken away. He shook it off and did his morning routine then came out to eat.

"How'd you sleep?" Sam asked halfway through breakfast grinning at Dean.

Dean set his face in one of his classic 'I don't care' faces and shrugged "it was ok. Not the best sleep I ever had" he lied. "But pretty good"

"Dean you know you're allowed to feel things for people, right? Like, it doesn't matter to me of you like him, it's who you are" Sam said taking a bite of his muffin.

Dean sat there staring for a minute, bewildered, before rapidly spouting "Me? Like Cas? What? No, Sam. I fell asleep that's all. He wanted to make sure that I didn't wake up with sore muscles.

I'm not in love with him. I mean he's my friend. He's family. I don't... Sam. No." He trailed off and looked at his food wrappers.

Sam smiled softly "Yeah, of course Dean. I'm only playing around. Just know that if you do it's totally ok."

"Which I don't" Dean put in.

"Of course not." Sam snickered.

Dean got up and went to the bed to think about all of the things that had happened since last night.

He wasn't sure if anything that he said was true, or if he would ever even say it, but he knew he wanted to be around Cas all of the time.

He laid there for a long time but there was just too much to process at once emotionally so he rolled over for a nap. He did notice though that the sleep was just terribly without Cas there.

'Maybe' Dean thought. 'I can get Cas to sleep with me again soon."

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