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A revolution

By: Me, Rickyrocks4ever

A revolutionary future

by Me, Rickyrocks4ever

We marched up the fields, through the streets, straight to the building of our wretched government. I was tightly grasping my best friends hand, Jason.

My name is Callie Troot and I’m in the biggest revolution of all time. Our government has been destroying us for generations, they have tortured the telepaths for generations.

I’m a telepath and so is Jason and so are hundreds of others.

Although today there are both telepaths and nonteles, (non telepaths), at the march, all people want our government to stop terrorizing telepaths even nonteles.

Jasper and I are near the front walking in a very passionate way. Jason looks over at me, “you doing ok,” he asks. I just try to smile and give a nod.

Jasper is the best, he is always looking out for me, sometimes I wish we could be more than friends. We reach the building which is called The Building of Glory.

We all bang at the gate and some even try to climb up it. Suddenly a voice speaks. “Attention all... peasants, stop this or bad will come to all.

” Everyone snarls and bangs harder, we all start repeating, “FREE THE TELEPATHS!” Suddenly we hear a gunshot, people scream.

I panic and stare into Jason’s eyes, he reads my mind and I give away too much information, he says, “I love you too Callie, more than friends.

” I smile for real this time and respond, “I love you and we can make a home after this is all over.” Now it’s his turn to smile and we lean in close and kiss, it gives me a feeling of warmth.

We let go of each other’s lips but we still grip hands. I stare into his emerald green eyes and then there is the gunshot, the tear through my reality.

Jason collapses to the ground and I fall to my knees feeling like I’m the one who’s died. I cry out, “Jason! Please no!” We had a future, we had a plan. I sob in my arms.

The reality sinks in and I scream in horror. It can’t be true, I wish it wasn’t.

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