Today’s the day the screaming stopped.
Today’s the day the screaming stopped. genocide stories

rhirhigrace Give me sunshine not rain
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screaming no more

Today’s the day the screaming stopped.

I barely remember a time when I was free, it seems so long ago now, when I could walk freely down the street. My hand nestled between my mothers warm and safe grasp.

Laughing at the dining table as wine is spilled and turkeys carved, a twinkle in my eye for the mornings sunrise a promise of hope that will forever last or so I had thought,

until the splintering of the door and panic that sent out an uproar. Soldiers tore through and just like that we were no more. Separated and scared, dressed in nothing but rags.

Dirt lining our faces and eyes sunken filled with nothing but hollowness .

Lead to a chamber and stripped to the core, a hope that is maybe again once restored and within a matter of minutes the silence becomes so powerful, peacefully sleeping, screaming no more.

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