Shadow and Light: Chapter 1: Where am I?
Shadow and Light: Chapter 1: Where am I? warriors stories
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A pjo/warriors crossover series!

Shadow and Light: Chapter 1: Where am I?

I stumbled through the forest, lost. I was alone. Odd. I was never alone these days. But no. Now I was. I didn’t know how I got there or... WHY I WAS A CAT!

“Who’s this?” Someone whispered, and I whirled around to see who they were.

“Who are you?” I demanded of the Abyssinian in front of me.

“Sunshine. You?” The Tom gruffly answered and asked.

I thought for a second... what was my name? All remembered was a brotherly face, taunting me. “Pine.” I answered.

He nodded. “Where do you come from, Pine?”

“Somewhere around here. I don’t remember.” I admitted.

“Or are you just hiding something?” Sunshine asked skeptically.

A shape landed gracefully next to him. “Sunshine! She’s a lost kit! Be nice!” She scolded him, before turning to me. “I’m Jaylake. Pleasure to meet you.”

“How many more of you are hiding?” I asked cautiously, but not scared. No. Not scared.

“I could ask you the same question.” Sunshine reminded me.

“Well, I asked you first!” I shot back.

Jaylake stepped between us to stop the argument.

“Sunshine, let’s take her to camp. And, Pine, no more of us are waiting.”

My heart jumped at the word ‘camp.’ “Camp?” I asked hopefully, but the two cats were ahead of me already.

I followed Sunshine and Jaylake towards the supposed ‘camp.’

We broke through thistles and cobwebs. A nagging thought in the back of my head...

My best friend... her name would be storm, for her eyes. ‘Spiders are bad,’ she had told me on several occasions.

We hacked through the bushes until we broke into a clearing.

Cats sunned, chatted, and ate, but all activity stopped and everyone turned towards us, their noses twitching with the scent of a new cat.

“This is Pine, a lost kit.” Jay lake called through the crowd.

Which Percy Jackson character does Pine remind you of? Make sure to comment your thoughts!

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