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Okay, guys. I think the first thing I’m gonna a dress here is: MORNING MEETING.

Every Monday, me and my class have a meeting at the carpet. Today, it was about NOT JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS.

I’m not gonna delve into the details of the lesson, I just want to remind you guys not to do that.

Next order of business:

This is a bit of a funny story. I have a friend. Big surprise, right? Anyway, this happened one indoor recess.

I was writing my first draft of ‘Orphaned.’

My friend walked past my desk to get to the chrome books. He stopped behind me. “Writing fan fiction? GAY!”

As he kept on walking, I shouted over to him, “I’m a girl!” He didn’t understand, as usual.

Okay. Now, at lunch today:

I was having a fun conversation with two of my few friends.

“Do you know what gay girls are called?” My FF (female friend) asked my MF (male friend) when I told her about our running joke.

“No.” He answered.

I laughed. “Lesbians. And, no, I’m not gonna pay thousands of dollars so that you can be right.”

So yeah, that was just to bring up a pretty serious problem with a relatively funny story.

Sexuality. People say that it’s wrong to be gay, or bi, or lesbian, or Demi, or pan, or straight. None of that is true. If they say that, PULL A HERMIONE! Understood?

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