The arrival
The arrival scifi stories

rewsal A balance of luv and wis
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Hey! this is a sort of experiment, i hope you like it aaaand feel free to make suggestions, have fun.

The arrival

"Welcome back to the ARQ" "We thank you in the name of humanity" "Your entry gate is 8-02. Have a nice day"

*sigh* this is nice.

*i hope he is in his office right now*

did you find anything? *nope, wandered for hours... no ruins, no pillars, no nothing...*

Jesus christ... All right ill think something by tomorrow Get some rest

"new audio msg" meow

you need to get down here Lilly has a job for u

*reply* *ill be there in an hour*

i didn't realize how much i needed to sleep now i feel peaceful, and protected, like before. like home...


thinking about home gives me this strange mix of happiness and anxiousness...

it was so violent and fast...

"you slept for:" 48 "minutes" *that was an odd dream*

prrrr *better get down there i'll bring some snacks, don't worry*

more soon...

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