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revrjmI write inspirational poetry.
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Praise God!

by revrjm

I have my challenges in life.

I endure pain. I suffer sometimes.

I often lean on a cane.

But, "I praise God!"

I praise The Lord. Not because everything is great and life is easy.

I praise God, because He makes life livable. Sustainable. Enjoyable. Endurable.

I praise God because God gives me hope, purpose and a promise.

It's not always going to be this way! God has promised us a better day.

I know some who read this will disagree. You'll find reasons to curse and mock and belittle my faith.

That's sad, but it will not change me. Because The Lord already did. In 1974 I was born again, and set free from sin. I obeyed Acts 2:38 and it's too late for anyone to tell me that God does not

exist. I praise God because, "Your argument is no match for my experience."

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