Ocean of Tears
Ocean of Tears stories
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revrjmI write inspirational poetry.
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Ocean of Tears

by revrjm

As I gaze across the expanse of this ocean,

My heart cries, “This many tears I’ve shed.”

The waves roll in and out, Like the emotions of my soul.

Like the emotions of my soul.

How can I overcome this pain?

I’m rocked by reality— Life without you will never be the same.

As the sun sets, Darkness blankets the earth.

I see a twinkle in the sky. The moon rises From the distant horizon.

The light for the night, A light for my “night.”

A cool breeze caresses My tear-streaked face. I look up toward heaven; A thousand stars, like eyes, Look down upon me. The light of the moon shines Upon the ocean of my tears.

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