BTS Fanfic Pt 2
BTS Fanfic Pt 2 bts stories
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BTS Fanfic Pt 2

The boys sat in a circle, debating their next song.

V and Jungkook were staring at Jimin, mouths hanging open.

"Why can't we change the chorus a-Will you stop staring?" Jimin snapped.

The boys had the grace to look ashamed.

"It's just..." Jungkook whispered. "What happened?"

Jimin rolled his eyes as if he got this question all the time. "I hit my face on the table, alright?"

Namjoon looked up sharply. Classic Jimin.

Jimin stared levelly at Namjoon. "Let's just get back to the song, okay?"

A general murmur of agreement ran through the circle.

Namjoon tried to ignore Suga's angry glare.

"That's not what happened." Suga's voice was as sharp as a razor.

" Suga, dagchyeo!" Jimin whispered.

Suga shook Jimin's hand off of his arm.

"Joonie hit him."

V looked at Namjoon, shocked.

Namjoon closed his eyes. "It was an accident."

The boys sat silently.

Namjoon stood up and walked out, guilt tearing him from the inside out.

Also look at this lmfao

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